Agile/Scrum is iterative and friendly to change. Each one of us is a project manager. Running an experiment in a vacuum where none of these factors exist greatly simplifies the process of experimentation, as fewer external influences can affect the outcome. As the impact of the economic downturn and the dwindling public finances from the credit crunch continue to affect public services in the UK, there is a growing pressure that all of us will experience a reduction of funding over the coming years and possibly longer. Just Enough Inputs For Planning! Hear what constitutes just enough planning for your marketing campaign. Just Enough is a software organization that offers a piece of software called JustEnough Demand Planning. I believe the theory behind Agile and Scrum is sound. Where waterfall advocates for rigid planning first and foremost, Agile/Scrum advocates for just-in-time planning based on the highest priority and most valued items at that time. Changes are made ongoing based on learning and applied at that point in time, which is normally at the beginning or end of a sprint. Agile and Scrum promote transparency, but there seems to be a lack of analysis around the defined impact from change. But, as my friend Jenn Sramek summarized: "if you [have no upfront planning], it can be that you do not learn enough about what you are taking on. The concept of a "Sprint 0" discovery can serve as an effective upfront planning tool. This is a time to evaluate the broad needs of the project. Tried to replicate the same model, realized that part of the city has immensely grown, and there were a lot of vendors. One does not need to have e designation of project manager, one does not need to work in any MNC to be a project manager. The key is to plan “just enough.” This can negatively impact projects that have fixed expectations. The idea is to estimate "Just Enough" Stories to have the Team able to make a detailed plan of what will happen in the next 3-4 days maximum (which is already a good forward looking) and than Inspect & Adapt daily and extend the plan based on what the Team finds while working. There is a need to evaluate the impact when a product owner re-prioritizes items in the pre-established sprints, set upfront by sprint planning.  The following list are concepts that facilitate effective change management and the transparency needed to understand the impact of change: Pure Agile and Scrum advocates for flexibility, but lacks the structure needed to communicate and evaluate impact. The great Kristen Grimm of Spitfire (who happens to be spitfire herself) will be speaking on Great Campaigns in Nine Simple Steps: How to Succeed Most people have varying levels of change adversity, so building a plan will always be a challenge, especially if trying to build a single version. A great "just enough" info and overview for Project Management. As we all know, we all handle change at different speeds. The framework is driven by value and priority, not fixed scope and heavy upfront planning. There are some Agile-like concepts that support change management. Change Planning. Change management needs to support an adequate analysis of impact, not just what is known at a point in time. JustEnough Space Planning is space management software, and includes features such as for retail, planogramming, shelf planning, and usage tracking / analytics. This concept can be cleanly applied to Agile / Scrum in two principle forms: just enough upfront planning and just enough ongoing planning. Establish project milestones that measure progress against product owner expectations. Retail space planning solution that allows planners to analyze planogram assortment and space utilization. Planning – at iteration planning we don’t look at things outside the iteration. Collaboration – agile teams certainly have high levels of collaboration, but that is because that level is just enough to help them be successful. Just enough ; Just in time ; that is, at each stage we plan just enough to get us going and answer the important questions at that stage and than we stop. For all the photos of sourdough and the spike in Netflix subscriptions, the fact is that there’s not much that’s relaxing about this time. What is Just Enough Support?
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