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Become An INSTAGRAM Fitness Influencer With A FAKE ASS!

instagram influencer

Becoming An Instagram Fitness Influencer Is Easy, We Reveal The Secret Formula!

Wouldn’t you love to become an Instagram Fitness Influencer quickly?

I am sure you would. Wouldn’t you love to take a selfie at the gym, make a post, and get paid for it? Making money on Instagram is EASY especially if you have low self esteem! Kind of like a stripper you know?

instagram fitness influencer

I’m sure you would! Hey, Gracyanne Barbosa did it!

Unfortunately today, there are a ton of people out there on social media that are making money, and you feel like it might be too late for you.

  • Well, it’s not! We have the secret formula, and all you need to do is follow these easy steps.

instagram fitness influencer

Become An Instagram Fitness Influencer Step #1


Yes, you heard it right! Go to your nearest Victoria Secret store, and get yourself a thong!

“Why, because you will need to show your ass in every single one of your posts, and that is the only way you will get followers today.”

female fitness model

  • A thong can cost you anywhere from $3 to $30.

Assuming that you are broke and just want to post gym selfies for money, I would go with the $3 option.

If you want to make money on Instagram as an influencer, you need to show that ass. That is what the world has come to!

instagram fitness influencer

Become An Instagram Fitness Influencer Step #2


Now you might be telling yourself, “hey I don’t have a great ass.”

Well you are in luck. In todays world, you can make money on social media by purchasing yourself a fake ass on the black market.

hot girl in gym

  • If the price is right, you can pump your flat ass with some silicone or whatever the liquid is (who cares right), for as low as $3,000. That should be easy if you have a credit card, or just go strip for a month or two.

If you can’t do the below after your surgery, you have no shot of making money on Instagram, true story!

instagram fitness influencer

Become An Instagram Fitness Influencer Step #3


If you are pale, nobody is trying to see that shit trust me.

To make money as an Instagram Fitness Model and Influencer, you have to have people wanting to come back to your page.

And what better way to do that, other than having a huge tanned fake ass? Exactly, there is no better way.

instagram fitness influencer

Become An Instagram Fitness Influencer Step #4


Whenever you make a post on Instagram, you have to use the correct hashtags in order to maximize your following.

Here are some hashtags you should use to ensure your following grows every single day and you start making money on social media.

  • #fatass #mybigfatass #myfakeass #bigfakeass #juicybooty #holleratme #wassupnow

Those hashtags will most likely work the best for you because they describe exactly what you are doing in your post.

“You want to build a presence on social, and let the world know you are coming!”

fat ass twerking

Become An Instagram Fitness Influencer Step #5


You might have heard before that collaboration is very important.

  • It definitely is, but the world has changed. In today’s world, you have to start shit with other Instagram influencers to create drama in order to get any attention.

instagram influncer

So what do you do? Well, you go to their accounts and just start talking shit. Here are some examples of comments that you can make to get their attention…

  • “Bitch You Ain’t Shit”
  • “Bitch, You Look Like Shit”
  • “With Yo Broke Ass”

girl fight

Those are just some suggestions, and you can come up with some on your own, I am sure they will work just fine.

You are now ready to take social media by storm and make the money you always dreamed of!


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