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Is he the most dangerous football player ever? Get Hyped for Football Season With James Harrison Workouts!!!

James Harrison Workout

Let the hype begin! With football season right around the corner, we are going to see a lot of these insane workout videos popping up on the Internet!

It is our responsibility here at to help you find the stuff that makes it move a little bit (in a totally not gay way, or gay way its 2017). No one, I repeat no one, exemplifies Muscle Roast approved beastliness like my man James Harrison. The guy is 39 years old and has no intentions of slowing down! When most men his age can barely get in a 3-point stance , my man James is out here practicing for his late night BBW fuck sessions.

In case you were wondering, with a hip thrust like that my man could be rag dolling Rasputia. I think.

James Harrison Workout

Little known fact about me, I used to hate James Harrison. Without a doubt he is a huge scumbag who glorifies in the cheap shot. Just take a look at the video below.

YEEEEEEEEEEEEET, its hard to hate a guy who continues to work his ass off in order to remain at a high level of competitiveness. I mean just look at some of the stuff he can do, its unreal! And with a patented grey sweatsuit dripping with the sweat of a man working hard, I mean how can you not admire that kind of work ethic. Still not sold? Well then as someone once said (I really don’t know who, thats called high level journalistic research) “Roll the Tape!”

One armed shoulder press of a small human-

Bench Pressing a baby elephant-

And doing tricep dips with more weight then me on his waist-

You do NOT want to see this guy lining up on the other side of the ball!

by Mike Moglia