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Jay Cutler gas bombs make assistants quit!

Jay Cutler's mean farts lead to assistants quitting.

Jay Cutler gas bombs make assistants quit!

Jay Cutler gas bombs smell like Kai Greene’s Brooklyn apartment. One recent rumor we have heard, is that Jay Cutlers assistants usually quit because they can not take the “gas assault” any longer from Jay. Not only does Jay make his assistants shave his back, pop his pimples, he also likes to let some mean farts rip during this process to make the situation even more unbearable.

Jay Cutler's gas released on assistant.

Jay Cutler┬áthe freak bodybuilder, is now officially without an assistant, so if you like to smell what the Rock is cooking, in this case Jay, you can simply apply on Please apply with caution. Jay’s gas has made noses bleed, grown men cry, and have also suffocated smaller to medium house pets, depending on the breed.

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