Jay McGhee Might Very Well Be Our Next Mr. Olympia!

Have you ever walked passed a person and thought they were your favorite celebrity? Well that is happening to Jay McGhee every single day of his life. The sunning resemblance between Jay and Kai Greene (the gay bodybuilder) is off the charts, and he is causing heads to turn every single day.

This recent high school graduate is getting the attention of professional bodybuilding trainers all over the globe, because of his massive size at such a young age. Kai Greene’s trainer recently said…

“I have never seen a kid at his age have such massive muscles. If he were to dial in his diet, I think he could be our next Mr. Olympia without even having to go to the gym.”

This is what Kai Greene’s trainer is talking about. Look at this kids arms compared to Kai Greene. They are exactly the same, and Jay is half his age and has just started working out.

kai greene tricep

It’s Obvious You Would Need A Magnifying Glass To See The Difference!

When it comes to strength, Kai Greene and Jay McGee are of identical strength. There is proof of this when Jay was spotted recording a session in the gym, lifting more weight than any other teenager has been recorded to lift in recent history. Take a look at the absolute strength display in the clip below…

Straight grind with the bros😂😂

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Now Take A Look At Kai Lifting The Same Exact Weight As Jay…

Because of this phenomenon, experts are lead to believe that Jay might be on steroids. This theory came about due to the fact that his muscle size and strength is simply not normal for a kid his age. There is also another reason. He was spotted receiving steroids from his prom date not too long ago, and someone happen to take a picture of it as you see below. Fortunately, the Mr. Olympia contest is not a drug tested event, so Jay may very well be our next Mr. Olympia.



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