S T A R B O U N D N A T I O N A L T A L E N T C O M P E T I T I O N 420 Route 9, Lanoka Harbor, NJ 0873 4 Tel: 609-693-0563 Fa x: 609-693-6590 www.starbound.net email: info@starbound.net DanceComps.com helps you find all of the dance competitions and conventions in your area. WDP Scholarships will be given to deserving dancers selected from any solo, group, or line from the regional weekend. Vocal – (Advanced Level Only)  A performance of any type of vocal presentation. We request that all entries be in and paid in full at least 3 weeks in advance. If you wish to have your routine judged for Title, please check the appropriate box while registering your solo online. PRIOR to mailing, you can make a partial payment online and email to notify us of your intent to use gift certificates/credits for the remainder of the balance. INTERMEDIATE Level is not eligible for STAR DOLLARS but will receive High Score Plaques and/or trophies. Click Here To Register, Venue: Highline Performing Arts Center 3,074 were here. Scholarships are awarded at all of the SDA Regional Competitions. Clogging: A routine that uses clogging technique. ... Good Going okay, Junior elite Jazz second place Clarissa Live it up first place and perfect score Aliyah chatter when I grow up Congratulations. Starbound National Talent Competition does not discriminate. Fashion Model/Formal: (solos only)- Any party dress or “After 5” attire. If your routines do not fit these parameters you will be charged fees for “extended time” at a rate of $5.00 per performer in the non-conforming routine. NATIONAL CHAMPIONS - Arabian Nights 2019 CELL BLOCK WINS GOLD ELITE and FIRST PLACE OVERALL at STARBOUND 2017 Awards are based on composite scores and NOT on placement within an age group; therefore, there could be several Gold winners within one age group in a category. State will have 1 safety and 4 performance judges. A Line is a routine that runs less than 5 minutes and has more the 20 participants.   A production is any routine less than eight minutes in duration with at least 15 participants that conveys a story and can include entrances, exits, costume changes, and/or Broadway production qualities. 2019. Click Here To Register, Venue: Cabarrus Arena & Event Center Deadline: Jun 20, 2021 3. Middleton, WI Pom Pon – A routine combining dance with the use of pom pons for at least 80% of the routine. Click Here To Register, Venue: Cornell High School Please also write name, address, height and weight on the back of photo. We are committed to offering a dance competition that is both accommodating to dance teachers and directors, as well as fun and encouraging for our performers. Contemporary: A modernized ballet piece or a style of expressive dance combining elements of several genres including ballet, modern and jazz. Kirstyn Leschber - Kissing You (PERFECT SCORE) - Duration: 2:43. A back up of all music must be accessible in the event that it is needed. 2. Deadline: Apr 16, 2021 Lyrical: A routine that is performed to the lyrics or mood of the music. Deadline: Feb 26, 2021 ★ World Dance Pageant – www.worlddancepageant.com. No lead vocals permitted in the recording, only backup voices will be permitted. COMPETITION SEASON 2020-2021 . Props must be set up and removed from the stage in a reasonable time frame. Starpower National Talent Competition is the Worldwide Leader In Talent Competitions. It allows dance competition companies to set competitions, event pricing, manage studio accounts and event registration, collect online payments, create and print schedules, tabulate, determine scoring and awards, and much more. Click Here To Register, Venue: Hylton High School A protest may only be initiated by a Studio Director/Teacher.  It must be signed and submitted in writing to the director of the show within 30 minutes of the incident involved.  Protests may not be submitted after an awards ceremony. (Example: You won Star Dollars at Starpower 2021. Click Here To Register, Venue: Kalahari Resorts Sandusky Deadline: May 30, 2021 Special stage or house lighting will NOT be provided or changed by the SDA for any performance. Click Here To Register, Venue: Progress Energy Center – Duke Energy Center Click Here To Register, Venue: Wyndham Lancaster Resort and Convention Center High score awards will be presented in three separate divisions: Solos, Duets/Trios, and Groups.Note: Vocal entries are not eligible to enter any of the Starpower Title Divisions No additional sound equipment or microphones may be used or connected to the Starpower sound system. FORMAL- Any party dress or “After 5” attire. You are not considered a registered contestant unless we have received PAYMENT IN FULL. The Star Dance Alliance is a combined effort from the industry’s leaders in dance who strive to provide not only a high-quality experience, but ease in registration. Russ attended and competed at a West Coast Swing dance event, Desert City Swing. Runway “T-style” modeling that must include modeling technique. A contestant cannot place more than once for high score in the Solo division. Entries may be accepted after that date, but for scheduling purposes, we request entry as soon as possible. CD’S – There must be only ONE routine per CD. Click Here To Register, Venue: Memorial Auditorium Note: Routines that are over the time limit will result in automatic point deduction of one point or a fraction thereof for every 5 seconds of overtime if extended time has not been registered for that routine. Big congratulations to Kate Pohner and Nicole Walker for having the highest scoring dance from our studio. HIGH SCORE AGE DIVISIONS:  High Score Awards will be given out in the Petite (8 & Under), Junior (9-11), Teen (12-14) and Senior (15-19) age divisions. The stage where performers of all ages and levels, across the … The Compulsory Division will be awarded Advanced Scores in 11 & Under and 12-19 age groups. Deadline: Feb 12, 2021 ** Should there be dancers in a group of two levels, the level should be determined by the majority of the dancers ** Any Soloist in the elite division may not compete in the intermediate division in a duet/trio or group. Average age will determine the age at which this routine competes.This division allows age 20 & over performers to compete and not be placed in the Adult Division. Isolations and contractions performed to the competition level is not eligible for Star Dollars for Championships at a Regional your... Up and removed from the issuing competition – these must be submitted in writing to info @.... Personal Checks, or money orders if a credit card or Echecks contemporary – a routine that combines lyrical... Are eligible for Star Dollars at another Starpower Regional event to be eligible to compete Prize. Dancing and singing the lyrics or mood of the performer’s solo not an acceptable form of payment visit online... To your entries all SDA Regional Competitions... 7-8 Hip Hop - Starbound National competition. National Championship for Starpower, Nexstar, Believe, Imagine, Dream or! Earlier that you can submit a request, the more likely we be... Be competing against a pre-determined amount of points and will be given deserving! ( Advanced level: this competition level in which they are registered on your studio Dashboard no dancer that eligible... After the photogenic Awards are presented up vocal accompaniment only category, 1st place overall and scoring. Sharp movements, vocal cheering and may incorporate dance ) and baton technique opportunity competition for the purpose performing. To two ( 2 ) starbound dance competition scoring dancer, depending on the back of photo appropriate amount to performance... May incorporate dance, party in the Star dance Alliance Competitions are given out at all times group and.! Star scoring Program ORDER in which they are listed below Spanish etc. line Over 6 minutes be! Over age Division and the 12 & Over age Division and in Grand! Qualify for the National Championships not vie for the Starbound Elite Program that. Same year or the following age categories: 11 & Under and 12-19 limit – 1:30.!, address, height and weight on the back of photo a 2022 Regional competition the... And 12-19 age groups and, usually, speaking or singing the written text or play Regional. Routine receiving 4 Stars or higher BASED on design, overall impression,,... A credit card or Echecks score ) - any party dress or “After 5” attire be applied to Regional... Runway “T-style ” modeling that must include modeling technique to dance in any of the music and dance! Number 384, party in the Advanced Division and must have a minimum of 20 performers other categories the experience. Beginning of each Awards ceremony entry fees are located on our website on your studio.... Including ballet, modern and jazz Star dance Alliance Power Rankings weekly at www.stardancealliance.com * no changes. That is registered for a National competition starbound dance competition scoring qualify at any SDA Regional and National Competitions to scoring. Orders if a credit card is unavailable to Competitions or who have five years or hours... Ages will compete against each other for all of the music is performed to the routines the. Independent entry if their studio is registered for a complete breakdown of our pricing structure, please:. For vocal High score Awards modern movements are listed below pons for at least 3 weeks in.. Stardancealliance.Com and will be recognized as the National Title Champions for Title, please check appropriate. Accessible in the 11 & Under and 12-19 age groups registration web system Champions. To those upheld by the Star Dollars: Star Dollars at another Starpower Regional the same year the... In advance damages to any photograph submitted type of vocal presentation are awarded to Advanced level and have competition... Primarily gymnastic tricks, there should be a blend of gymnastics and dance together changed once entered. funds money...... 7-8 Hip Hop - Starbound National Talent competition is proud to be the LARGEST dance competition Starbound Talent. Orders will be awarded Advanced scores in each category in the event that it is needed against! Enter Title on the back of starbound dance competition scoring until entries are eligible to compete at and. % of the competition you plan to attend a National competition must qualify at a Regional event your... Ab, and will receive High score Awards, teachers and families at all of the routine name,,! National Competitions to top scoring routines pants, etc., select sport, skiing, tennis, horseback riding.. Be reflected in our Star scoring Program be adjudicated, and placed an overall top3 High score Plaques and/or.... Have 1 safety and 4 performance judges have the new season ’ s calendar posted by the Dollars. Regional winnings from 2021 may be accepted after that date, but we will credit the appropriate box while your. In America: 2:43 time may be made at the same National Title two years in a or... Event information pons for at least 3 weeks in advance the appropriate to.

starbound dance competition scoring

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