Jon Venus (steroid machine) Is Not Your Average Vegan!

Jon Venus is a vegan fitness coach, and Jon Venus is also on steroids in my opinion. Jon Venus is on steroids from many other peoples opinions as well. Lets’ discuss who this guy is before we talk about why I believe he is on roids.


(Aw screw it let’s just jump into why I think he is on steroids!)

jon venus steroids

If you know anything about working out, you know that this guy is taking something to swell up those muscles. That something is not broccoli and asparagus. 

  • On top of that, if you look at Jon’s diet and meal plan, it just doesn’t seem right. There is definitely some steroids on this table of snacks that Jon has!

jon venus steroids

Back To Jon’s Bio

  • Vlogging star Jon Venus, 26, has been dubbed one of the “world’s hottest vegans” with his virtuous lifestyle getting him a very big 83,000 Instagram fans and 225,000 YouTube fans who follow his every meal.

jon venus steroids

Jon Venus Ethnicity And Height

  • Jon, who is part Brazilian and part Norwegian, currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Born in Charlotte, NC
  • Fluent in four languages
  • Jon is 6’1

Jon Venus Wife

jon venus wife


Kathrine is a nutritionist (BSc) and personal trainer who is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and fitness on a vegan diet through YouTube videos and online coaching.

  • Kathrine is Norwegian
  • Vegan since April 2015
  • BSc Hons. Nutrition & Health
  • Kathrine loves chocolate

Jon Venus Admits To STEROIDS!


One thing you have to take in consideration when you are trying to decide whether or not somebody is on steroids. Take a look at the person before they started working out.

Once you see that picture, take into consideration how much weight they gained and how they look.

  • If someone has blurry muscles, and they look very watery, there is a great chance they are on steroids. Jon Venus does not necessarily look like he is on steroids, but it does seem that way because of how he used to look.

Jon Is Too Big Today To Be Natural, Compared To What He Used To Look Like!

This is coming from an experienced weight lifter who knows what is possible with certain body types and certain weights.

To have that kind of mass, on such a lean body, is an immediate red flag on someone that used to be skinny and ripped. Why? Because if you are already lean, it’s close to impossible to gain so much pure muscle and stay lean.

jon venus steroids

You only see people with that kind of mass who are on steroids, or who used to be fat and now they are skinny. 

  • If they were fat at a younger age, they have a lot more mass that the body used to hold up that weight. Since Jon was skinny as a younger kid, he is for sure taking some sort of performance enhancing drugs, or supplements.

The only other possibility would be that every single one of his photos are photoshopped, but since he does make videos where he looks twice his old size, this is not the case. Dude is on the juice for sure.


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