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JR Smith Suffers From HIGH INTELLIGENCE Disorder!

JR Smith The GENIUS Leaves The NBA As Legend!

JR Smith is an NBA player, is mostly known for his tattoos and partying reputation.

JR Smith Stupid

But now besides his net worth, girlfriends, cars, houses, and awesome tattoos, he is known for something else.

JR suffers from High Intelligence Disorder. I will get into that shortly.

  • Everyone knows him as JR, but in New York, he is known as “Mr. Party Pants!”

drinking alcohol

He is known for his crazy athleticism, drunks (I mean dunks), and mainly his amazing long 3 point shots that he made 1/10 times he shot the ball.

  • JR was a fan favorite because he was NBA’s bad boy like Dennis Rodman.

Going out to party, getting in trouble, having tattoo’s, and shooting wild shots, had every NBA owner fighting hand over fist to sign this guy.

How could you not want a guy like this on your team?

  • A hung over player with a run and gun mentality, every coaches dram!

JR Smith gif

JR Smith Net Worth And Life Style

This guy has a lot of money, and has made a lot of money in his career.

His net worth is currently at about $20M if not more, it’s hard to know his exact net worth.

  • We do however expect him to blow that within the next 2-3 years like Steve Francis and Alan Iverson did.

But JR is not stupid with his money.

He knows that Ferrari’s increase in value, so he made sure to invest in appreciating assets, like the car below.

JR Smith cars

Mr. Smith also decided to save his money and not buy an expensive place to live.

He wanted to buy a modest home, to ensure his expenses were not too high, and the money he has would last once he retires.

“JR knows many players in the NBA that have wasted their money, such as Steve Francis, and does not want to go down that road!”

  • He knows that if Steve Francis and Alan Iverson can spend $100M, he sure as hell can spend $20M!

That is the exact reason he wanted to buy a modest home, like the one you see below.

JR Smith House

The other reason he has been able to keep his net worth so high, is because he does not buy a lot of shoes like many other people.

You have seen celebrities on TV show off their shoe collection, and the huge closets that fit them.

JR Smith knows that there is no point of wasting money on hundreds of shoes.

  • He wants to maintain his net worth and live out his old days in peace!

This is exactly why he stays humble and only has a few sneakers and shoes he really likes.

As you can see from his closet below, he is a humble minimalist!

JF Smith House

JR Smith Wife And Family

JR is a family man now.

The wife’s name is Jewel Harris, and she my friends, scored!

I mean, getting an NBA player is every woman’s dream right? All you have to do is pop a couple of kids, and you are set for life!

“If that fool wants to dump me, he better get ready to cough up that child support!”

  • Here is JR and his happy family today. I also know there is a son running around somewhere out there, I saw the kid before in person, so I’m pretty sure.

JR Smith Family

At least before he got married, he had a very healthy sex life which consisted of hooking up with at least 30 girls per day.

That is not a surprise to anyone, as he is known for serial dating and taking bad shots, and I ain’t talking about the baskeball court.

  • The record, as JR says, is 78 girls in one day that he hooked up with. And this was while he was in relationships!

JR says…

“If you want to pull off 78 girls, you have to go from house to house every 10 minutes without a break. They all have to be quickies!”

JR Smith Girlfriends

JR Smith’s DIAGNOSIS Shocks Doctors And The World!

What people don’t know about JR Smith, is that he is a genius!

He got a perfect score on his SAT’s in high school, and received a full scholarship to MIT to study quantum physics.

He turned that down in order to go play basketball, which was his secondary god given talent.

  • JR has bounced around the NBA a bit, but he really developed his reputation as an alcoholic after he got signed by the New York Knicks.

Doctors report that he was undiagnosed for High Intelligence Disorder (HID) and could not cope without treatment.

That is why he turned to alcohol, not because he wanted to party. He was just trying to cope with his high intelligence issues.

NBA interview

He had the world in the palm of his hand. Another thing that was always in his palm, was a drink.

  • Many would argue that it was his alcoholism that caused the mental lapse in game 1 of the NBA finals, but as we see now, that was not the case. It was his (HID).

Alcohol is not the reason JR didn’t know that the Cavs were in a tied game in game one of the 2018 NBA Finals.

As you see below, he has been captured on tape many times being hung over not knowing where the hell he is.

Or that is what people thought. This is JR trying to process 3,000 intelligent thoughts per second.

jr smith game 1

The Real Reason JR Smith Spaces Out And Loses Games

We finally received information that JR Smith is a TYPE 1 Genius.

This means that the level of intelligence he possesses is actually working against him.

  • He has about 3,000 thoughts per second, and that becomes too much for the human brain to handle.

JR said…

“I drank to kill brain cells so I get dumber and feel normal, I just wanted to be like everyone else. I hate being this intelligent, it’s taking a toll on my life.”

There is proof of this in the video below, where JR demonstrates his intelligence to the public.

JR Smith’s Intelligence Ruins LeBron’s Legacy

It could very easily happen that LeBron James never wins another championship ring.

The las game with JR Smith that they lost, because of JF Smith, could have been his last chance.

  • The strive to be the Greatest Of All Time, may have very well come to an end for LeBron because of JR’s intelligence.

James knows that JR Smith suffers from High Intelligence Disorder, and decided to forgive JR for ruining his legacy.

Even though pictures keep popping up at the club that he got wasted the night before?

jr smith drinking

Other people seemed to have seen him out at the club as well.

People such as Rihanna!

It’s reported that our favorite bad shot taker was hitting on Rihanna hardcore while being wasted at the club.

  • From reading her post, it sounds like she probably couldn’t get into his VIP and is mad.

Her comments about JR drinking are a little rough, seems like there is something more behind this.

jr smith rihanna

JR simply didn’t care and still doesn’t really care what people think about him.

That said, he just made a huge mistake here in the 2018 playoffs that might affect Lebron’s legacy!

How JR Smith Leaves The Game

Suffering from being too smart, JR Smith leaves us fans wondering what will come next from this guy after retirement.

We laughed with JR, we cried. For the most part, we waited for him to do something really stupid or amazing on the court while he was playing.

The NBA players and coaches loved to watch him miss his bad shots, and feared him whenever he touched the ball.

  • There was no way in hell to know what this guy will do at any moment, and that is why we loved him.

At the end of the day, people have mental issues, and JR definitely had some.

JR Smith LeBron

His brain was totally fried from going out clubbing 8 days a week, and when it was time to win the Championship, he was lost.

He could have simply shot the ball, and won the game.

  • LeBron James could have won another Championship, and he would not be struggling to even make the play offs the year after.

I am sure LeBron can say whatever he is going to say on camera, but there is no way around what happened.

There is no way, James is still not insanely livid with JR Smith over this.

It’s very hard to really know, but players such as LeBron are so competitive, that they do not just forget about things like this.

Even though JR is a nut job, I have not met too many people that don’t like this guy. 

  • He is simply fun to watch, and has been an up and down player his whole life. Even with that, he has managed to stay in the NBA and continue to make money.

How did that happen?

The guy is just a great offensive player that is super athletic. That is the bottom line.


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