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JR Smith Admits He Is As Dumb As A Trump Supporter!

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag! We finally get a reason JR Smith Is Dumb As A Trump Supporter!

JR Smith is an NBA player, who is mostly known for his tattoos and partying reputation. JR has bounced around the NBA a bit, but he really developed his reputation as an alcoholic after he got signed by the New York Knicks, and had the entire NYC club scene at his disposal. Many would argue that it was his alcoholism that caused the mental lapse in game 1 of the NBA finals, but we have received some new information.

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Although JR Smith has been seen losing his mind at basketball games from massive hangovers, alcohol is not the reason JR didn’t know that the Cavs were in a tied game in game one of the 2018 NBA Finals. As you see below, he has been captured on tape many times being hung over as shit not knowing where the hell he is.

jr smith game 1

The Real Reason JR Smith Is Dumb

We finally received information that JR Smith was dropped at birth by his mother on a concrete floor, which very well might have caused him major brain damage. On top of years and years of drinking, it’s very understandable that an individual that is getting paid $15M per year to chase a ball, would not know the score of an NBA Finals game he is actually playing in, with only a few seconds to go. If you haven’t seen this stupid shit, here it is.

His Memory Has Always Been A Problem!

Back in high school, his motto was “Get chicks or die trying”. Young J.R. would be proud. Whether he’s giving pipe tips on Instagram, or bragging about his escapades, Smith’s mac philosophy is the same as his hardwood mindset.  He doesn’t sweat the misses because he’s got a short-term memory. Even if he tosses up a brick, he’ll just keep on chucking until he knocks one down.

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Smith’s highly-publicized relationships with women are a mixed bag, but you have to respect his resiliency. Wednesday, Rihanna unleashed an Instagram rant alleging Smith was struggling in the playoffs because he was desert thirsty, hungover and clubbing all night.

jr smith rihanna

JR simply didn’t care and still doesn’t really care what people think about him. That said, he just made a huge mistake here in the 2018 playoffs that might affect Lebron’s legacy!

Other Players Have Done This Before!

Smith is not the first player to sabotage his team in the playoffs by forgetting the score. In Game 4 of the 1984 Western Conference semifinals between the Mavericks and Lakers, Harper—then a rookie for Dallas, but already very much looking like the middle-aged man who would run point for the Knicks in the 1990s—gleefully dribbled out the final seconds of a tied game:

Harper held the ball for seven seconds, about twice as long as Smith, and never realized what he was doing was wrong; in fact, he jumped for joy after the buzzer expired, still believing that his team had won. Mavs fans eventually forgave Harper, though. The team retired his number earlier this season.

There are many other players who have done this, you can Youtube it yourself, so JR is not the only one who is an absolute airhead.


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