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This This Guy Doubled His Benchpress Max By Using Rubber Bands! Would You Try This?


Let’s Stick To The Basics In The Gym Guys!

Have you ever heard of Jujimufu? Well if you have not, check him out on Instagram, he is known for using proper form during his workouts!

Jon Call AKA Jujimufu is a well-known acrobatics expert with a bodybuilding approach to training. Jon first became famous after he created the largest community for “Tricksters” anywhere online.

From there, he appeared on a popular game show where he demonstrated his amazing abilities ‘wowing‘ the judges, and eventually, winning the competition.

Jon first started his fitness lifestyle at the age of 13 after taking an interest in martial arts. Throughout the years, his passion developed even further to become flexible, and both strong at the same time.

With an alternative approach to life, and training, Jon created a name for himself in only a short space of time. He now boasts a global following online where he continues to spread his message on the fitness lifestyle.


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