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Kai Greene Does GAY FOR PAY, Phil Heath SAID SO!

kai greene gay

Is Kai Greene Gay? Well Phil Heath has something to say about that!

Phil Heath knows that Kai Greene had sex with a grapefruit many years ago. What he is talking about, is Kai doing gay4pay!

Yes, if you didn’t know, now you know. Kai did many videos, shows, strip club gigs, and the list goes on. He ran around naked humping everything near him, even if that is a piece a fruit.

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Phil Heath can’t seem to drop this, and we don’t blame him, it’s funny as hell. So these days, every time Phil gets his hands on a microphone, the first thing he says, is that Kai is gay.


kai greene gay

As seen above, this press conference was held at a local kindergarten, and Phil still took advantage of the opportunity to remind everyone. The following week, at his grandmothers eulogy, he did the same.

The next step for Phil is to get mental shock therapy, where his entire memory and english language knowledge will be wiped out, except the phrase “Kai did gay for pay!”

That’s how can be sure, that is the only thing that comes out each time he opens his mouth.

kai greene gay

Is Kai Greene Gay?

Yes, Kai Greene came from poverty and in order to jump start his bodybuilding career and obtain the “Supplements” he did gay for pay and it worked for him.

The disturbing thing is it seemed as though he enjoyed it.  There is a video of him dancing at a Go Go Club jumping off stage to get head by some gay guy and enjoying it like crazy, Kai had the biggest smile on his face.

What is G4P, and once again, is Kai Greene Gay?

G4P is an abbreviation for “Gay For Pay”, which means getting paid for performing homosexual services. One of the most common ways to do G4P is web-cam modeling.

kai greene gay

“The activity consists in dancing naked in front of a web-camera while in a private chat room different users are suggesting what you should do with your genitalia.”

The clients are paying you to show your naked body and masturbate in front of a web-camera. Many famous bodybuilders are doing regular web-cam shows.

A popular example is the fake natural bodybuilder Matt Ogus who used to perform G4P shows prior to his YouTube success.

kai greene gay

There are many benefits to web-cam modeling

The money is not bad, and you don’t have to be in physical contact with your clients. They can’t touch you, and the show ends whenever you want it to end.

This is why this method is highly appreciated among bodybuilders – especially the newcomers. However, there are also many bodybuilders who become complete homosexual prostitutes.

But is this really a surprise? Turn off the TV and think for a second. Bodybuilding represents an activity where men in scanty lingerie, called posing trunks, flex their big muscles in front of a crowd.

kai greene gay

  • Prior to the show the competitors remove their body hair and cover themselves in oil. There may be a lot of women in the audience, but there are also a lot of men who are homosexual and did not come to the show just for an autograph.

Truth be told, many rich gay men are sponsoring bodybuilding events and athletes.

It’s not a secret that homosexual men are paying for sex with bodybuilders. It happens very often, but since it’s not marketable, all activity remains hidden from the unaware public. Bodybuilders are supposed to represent strength and masculinity – being gay does not fit the definition.

Another way to make a few extra bucks through G4P is, of course, starring in gay porn movies. For instance, the popular YouTube character Kali Muscle was an actor in gay porn movies prior to his Internet fame.

While Gay Activities Are Common For Many Bodybuilders…

The most famous for doing G4P is Kai Greene – an elite IFBB pro. There are many pictures and movie clips on the Internet revealing his homosexual activities. The most notorious video of him includes sex with a grapefruit.

The answer is YES.


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