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Kanye West Takes Aggression Out On Senior Citizens At Local YMCA!

kanye west workout

Kanye West can’t hang with athletes so he goes to the Y to destroy senior citizens…

Kanye West has a lot of built up stress from getting followed by paparazzi each and every day. In order to relieve some stress, he decided that going to the gym would be very therapeutic. He also said that just doing any old workout would not be good enough for him, he needs to feel like the man, and he needs to dominate. Kanye said “I have an enourmous ego, and I could not stand just doing anything and not being the absolute best in everything that I do, even if its basketball.” The problem is, Kanye sucks ass and balls at basketball, so the only solution for him was to go to the local YMCA and play against senior citizens. “Playing against old farts and people twice my age guarantees I will dominate and be the man on the court. I can talk shit and back it up, and I will also feel like a god when I am done.”


kanye west workout

Kanye said his secret is, to do a lot of crossovers and go through your legs a lot. “They are just simply too old to mentally or physically follow your moves. You can literally break their ankles, and also get them dizzy as fuck.”

kanye west workout

If you take a look at Kanye’s face during his workout, he means business. There is nothing funny here and nothing to laugh about. Kanye came for blood and he will most likely get it at the YMCA. “Playing and working out with senior citizens also ensures that I can win a fight in case shit happens and we throw down.” He has every angle covered, and is currently undefeated at the local NYC.

Kayne’s workout has gotten him a lot of confidence and definitely boosted his ego. But, one thing that it has not gotten him, is a great body. Playing with old farts all day, requires barely any energy, and does not burn many calories. As you can see, he looks like shit, his stomach has more wrinkles and fat on it than his wife’s fat fake ass.

kanye west