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Kim Jong Un Gym, STDs And WHY HE IS DYING!

kim jong un muscles

Kim Jong Un Builds A Gym, But He Doesn’t Even Lift! He Just Eats!

Kim Jong Un is a sick bastard Dictator that decided to mask his serial killer tendencies by building a gym for “his people.”

It’s a nice gesture, but you are going to learn a little bit about his own lifestyle that might shock you. You will understand why he loves to party with Dennis Rodman!

kim jong un working out

He is the opposite of healthy, especially because he eats like a pig! Not to mention that he has diabetes, STD’s, and crazy high blood pressure!

  • Many experts are saying that he is dying because of his horrible diet. Very different from the typical North Korean diet.


Is it me, or does it not make sense that this fat bastard who doesn’t even work out has build a gym?

  • He has to be one of the, if not THE most unhealthy world leader out there. Here is a quick video on his stupid gym…

Kim Jong Un Is Only In His 30’s, But His Diet Is Killing Him!

Kim is very well known for spending millions of dollars on junk food, alcohol and cigarettes.

  • He basically smokes his ass off, and eats like a pig.

That is no surprise looking at that fat bastard.

The stress of running that insane country, the lack of sleep, alcoholism and puffing the cigs, has his doctors saying he will die at a young age.

  • Especially because he has diabetes and high blood pressure.

kim jung un diet

Kim Jong Un Is Addicted To Cheese!

This is probably something you did not know, but this fat bastard is addicted to cheese!

  • To many around him, it is not a secret that he has a horrible diet and that he is obsessed with cheese.

“Some say that years ago when he removed himself from the public eye, was because of his horrible diet which includes Emmental Cheese.”

kim jong un cheese

On top of eating massive amounts of cheese, he eats a super high sodium diet.

  • His former chef said that Kim would pig out on sushi, but always the most fattening rolls.

Kim’s Alcohol And Cigarettes!

Since Kim steals money from his people, he has plenty to spend on alcohol and cigarettes.

If you think you spend a lot on booze, this fat bastard spends about $30 Million on importing alcohol every year!


  • Some of his favorites are Hennessy, which he easily buys for $3,500 per bottle. Who cares right?

On top of that, this noodle eating fat ass smokes Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes! Can you believe that shit? They go for $45 per pack as well. 

I never even heard of anything like that, but ok, I guess they exist!

kim jon un smoking

Kim Has Diabetes And Really High Blood Pressure!

Everybody knows by now that diabetes can kill you.

The fact that Kim chooses not to eat a diabetes friendly diet (meaning very low carb), is exactly why he is headed for the casket. 

  • I guess when you feel invincible you don’t really care about your diet.

kim jong un blood pressure

Kim Might Have Gout

If you remember a while back, this guy was limping around every single time he was shown on TV.

Since he is a heavy drinker and smoker, that only makes matters worse. When someone has Gout, they are not supposed to drink!

  • Some of the top experts in the world believe he has gout, which is inflammation from too much uric acid.

The pain comes and goes, which is why his limp comes and goes. This is no surprise because his father had Gout as well.

Kim Jong Un Has STDs!

Secret sources have stated that this fat horny bastard has contracted various STDs.

  • One of the sources closest to him has said that Kim Jong Un has Syphilis.

kim jong un stds

This should not be that hard to believe, since his father has had a lot of different STDs as well!

North Korea is also very well known for sex trade, and young girls get forced into sex with high ranking officials.

  • Basically him and his dad probably had sex with tons of girls who were basically raped.

Kim Jong Un Will Never Go To The Doctor!

His entire family is very well known for being paranoid!

A long time ago, his grandfather had a tumor, and he simply refused to get it removed!

kim jong un fat

“His reasoning was that he was afraid of being killed. Why risk the life of doing whatever you want as a dictator when you don’t have to!”

Many dictators have been known to be afraid of surgery for the simple reason of getting assassinated. 

  • Surgery requires getting sedated, and that is not something these guys want to do!

If Kim continues to live his crazy life style, he will definitely need surgery.

That is exactly why this guy will never do anything about his health and stay away from the doctor.

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