Kylie Bunbury Workout, IS REVEALED! Amazing Looks!

Kylie Bunbury is becoming one of Hollywoods biggest stars as we speak, and a part of that is due to her stunning good looks.

Kylie Bunbury

  • She is also a pretty good actress and has a great voice.

But what Kylie Bunbury workout plan is, is another story. What she is doing with her workout program has Hollywood personal trainers in shock.

Typically actors in LA search for a trainer, tell that trainer their goals, and then get to work for an extremely high price.

Kylie did not take that road, and she did not hire a personal trainer.

Kylie Bunbury workout program for the movie Pitch was great, but it did not satisfy her at all.

Especially considering that in her next movie “Game Night” there was no need to do any sort of body transformation.

  • For the movie Pitch, her workout was pretty simple.

kylie bunbury pitch

Kylie Bunbury Workout Routine For “Pitch”

To be a perfect pitcher, the lovely lady trained on the field for 3 to 4 times a week.

  • She also took up boxing for three days a week because she wanted to build her body strength.

ESPN reports that Kylie Bunbury’s workout consisted of practicing how to pitch for the first 3 months.

She worked two or three days a week during production too.

The focus was on building up her arm strength and grasping all the mechanics of the game.

kylie bunbury bikini

Kylie Bunbury Workout Routine Today

To be quite honest, she is not doing much and she doesn’t have to do much at all to stay in the shape that she is in at her age.

First of all, she has great genetics!

The number one mistake that people make, is to think that the Hollywood actor has some amazing Hollywood trainer that has a secret workout program.

That is not true. Just like with everything else, genetics are 80% of your physical makeup.

  • It looks like Kylie has great metabolism, she is pretty muscular for a girl, and by that I mean athletic, and she also has a good body structure.

kylie bunbury

Why Are Trainers So Surprised?

Well, as I mentioned, Kylie doesn’t even freaking work out.

She doesn’t have to. She does stuff that any ordinary person would do, but for the most part, her DNA is taking care of the body she has today.

If you are looking for a magic workout to look like her, just go lose weight and that is as close as you will get to that.

  • In the 1990s, studies done on identical twins indicated that genes pretty much determined adult shape and size.

But new research is uncovering a more nuanced view.

Some aspects of shape and size, it turns out, are more closely tied to genes than others.

  • The ease with which you develop muscle mass, for example, is a highly inherited trait.

Kylie Bunbury Beach

“A study that appeared in the International Journal of Obesity found that while you need physical activity in order to build muscle, people who have “muscular” genes require far less exercise than others to look fit.”

Keep that in mind next time you want to model someone’s workout program.

Hollywood Actress Typical Workouts

There is a lot of pressure in Hollywood to look amazing at all times. Every single actress tries to get in shape before a movie!

  • Why is that? Because people like to see attractive women on the big screen. If they are not attractive, they better be amazing actresses, or really funny.

The combination of great acting skills, good looks, and charm, is the ticket to the big bucks in Hollywood.

A few examples are, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Jeniffer Lopez, Jessica Alba…etc.

Angelina Jolie

The truth is, all of these actresses go on a super strict diet prior to their movies in order to get in shape. Which basically means, lose fat and look skinny.

There is no secret workout program for the actresses or actors in Hollywood. It’s simply hitting the gym, and cutting out the carbs from their diets.

  • It’s exactly the same thing that anyone who wants to lose weight would do!

Here are some basic things you can do in order to try and look super hot for your next movie or audition.

  • Cut the carbs from your diet
  • Consume low fat meals
  • Go to the gym 6 days a week
  • Do cardio 5 days a week
  • Eliminate all sugar
  • Drink a lot of water (to make skin look nice)

Those are some basic things that you can do in order to look good and land that next role!

Do Only Hot Girls Get Movie Roles?

Absolutely not. If you are talented, you have a shot! The best actresses in the world are not the prettiest women in the world, that is a fact.

Melissa McCarthy

  • You have to understand that a certain body type only classifies you as a certain character actor.

For example, chubby girls sometimes become famous because they are super funny. The problem is, the Hollywood studios do not want you to lose weight if that happens.

You might get tied to that chubby funny person that everyone wants to see, and if you lose weight, those roles might go away.

  • What I strongly recommend, is that you don’t focus on the gym, the diets, and how other people look physically.

Yes, you should work out, but spend your energy on perfecting your craft, instead of trying to look perfect.

Dianna Agron

What Are Hollywood Actresses Favorite Workouts?

I am pretty sure each actress and person in general does similar things on the diet side, but when it comes to workouts, different people have different workouts they like.

Here are some workouts your top celebrity actresses like. 

  • Jessica Alba: Reverse Fly Swimming
  • Jennifer Garner: Aerobics and Strength Training
  • Jennifer Aniston: Yoga Workouts
  • Uma Thurman: Running Program
  • Helen Mirren: Wii Fit
  • Gwen Stefani: Arm Workouts
  • Hilary Swank: Pull-Ups
  • Demi Moore: Bikram Yoga
  • Christina Hendricks: BOSU Balance Trainer
  • Halle Berry: Kickboxing Workouts

Getting the workout out in often, and being very consistent is far more important that any other workout program type!

Jessica Alba Gym

Here is an actual workout program Gal Gadot did before filming Wonder Woman!

She goes to the gym three days a week. Her training includes everything from rowing to different animal crawls and upper body exercises such as pull-ups and push-ups.

Full body workout, 1 min rest between exercises.

  • Rowing: 5 min easy pace + 5 min of 10-second sprint and 50-second easy pace.
  • Bear crawl: 30 meters
  • Burpee with a broad jump: 30 meters
  • Crab walk: 30 meters
  • Pull-ups: 7 sets of 3 reps
  • Ring push-up: 5 sets of 3 reps

Gal Gadot Workout

I would not be surprised if many people in Hollywood also did total starvation diets. One of them being the Hollywood 48 Hour Diet.

What Is The Hollywood 48 Hour Diet?

Well, it kind of sounds like what it is, “Lose up to 10 lbs in 2 days”.

If something sounds too good to be true, and it probably is.

The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet claims that you can lose a lot of weight in just a couple of days.

  • The diet industry makes nearly $30 billion dollars a year, because our culture has conditioned us to believe that we need to be thin to be beautiful.

The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet is a bunch of fruit juices along with antioxidants and essential oils.

It is advertised that the product will do everything under the sun for you, and make you lose a lot of weight.

Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet

I would definitely stay away from any fat loss product that has the word “Miracle” on the label.

One website states that the diet disrupts your regular food intake while cleansing your digestive system and activating your bodies internal fat burning furnace.  

Another website promotes the product as the #1 detox diet in the country.

  • What I really think this product is, is just a drink that makes you crap like crazy and kill your appetite. Something I would never personally try.

Other Stupid Things Actors Do In Order To Lose Weight

Cindy Crawford uses vinegar to kill her appetite before heading out to eat.

  • Reese Witherspoon walks backward while carrying 5-pound weights to tone her calves.

Owen Wilson finds asparagus and parsley slimming. And Jennifer Lopez sniffs grapefruit extract.

I mean, are we going to start smelling fruits in order to lose weight?

Smelling Fruit


  • It is true that if you were to smell green apples or bananas before every meal, you’d actually end up losing weight.

This is a scientifically proven fact!

In order to prove this fact, scientists took a group of almost 3,200 overweight women and made them smell specific scents whenever they were hungry.

After about 6 months, this test group had weight loss results on average of 25 lbs.

  • To make the long story short, it’s because the scent of natural fruit kills our appetite, and as a result, we eat a lot less.


Let’s face it, many of these people in Hollywood have access to the best doctors, drugs, steroids, trainers, and food on planet earth.

  • What does that mean? It means that you never know what these people are doing behind closed doors.

You have no idea if they are actually eating healthy and working out, or just getting plastic surgery and botox every three months.

The point is that you simply just never know. Genetics come into play, a lot of different things.

Don’t kill yourself trying to research what celebrities are doing, you are better off reading real information and educating your self on diet and fitness.


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