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Kylie Bunbury Workout SHOCKS Hollywood Trainers!

Kylie Bunbury workout program

Kylie Bunbury Is In Great Shape For A Very Good Reason!

Kylie Bunbury is becoming one of Hollywoods biggest stars as we speak, and a part of that is due to her stunning good looks.

  • She is also a pretty good actress and has a great voice.

But what Kylie is doing with her workout program has Hollywood personal trainers in shock.

Typically actors in LA search for a trainer, tell that trainer their goals, and then get to work for an extremely high price.

Kylie did not take that road, and she did not hire a personal trainer.

Her workout program for the movie Pitch was great, but it did not satisfy her at all.

Especially considering that in her next movie “Game Night” there was no need to do any sort of body transformation.

  • For the movie Pitch, her workout was pretty simple.

kylie bunbury pitch

Kylie Bunbury Workout Routine For “Pitch”

To be a perfect pitcher, the lovely lady trained on the field for 3 to 4 times a week.

  • She also took up boxing for three days a week because she wanted to build her body strength.

ESPN reports that she spent at least two and a half months before the pilot to learn about how to be a good pitcher.

She worked two or three days a week during production too.

The focus was on building up her arm strength and grasping all the mechanics of the game.

kylie bunbury bikini

What Is Her Workout Routine Today

To be quite honest, she is not doing much and she doesn’t have to do much at all to stay in the shape that she is in at her age.

First of all, she has great genetics!

The number one mistake that people make, is to think that the Hollywood actor has some amazing Hollywood trainer that has a secret workout program.

That is not true. Just like with everything else, genetics are 80% of your physical makeup.

  • It looks like Kylie has great metabolism, she is pretty muscular for a girl, and by that I mean athletic, and she also has a good body structure.

kylie bunbury

Why Are Trainers So Surprised?

Well, as I mentioned, Kylie doesn’t even freaking work out.

She doesn’t have to. She does stuff that any ordinary person would do, but for the most part, her DNA is taking care of the body she has today.

If you are looking for a magic workout to look like her, just go lose weight and that is as close as you will get to that.

  • In the 1990s, studies done on identical twins indicated that genes pretty much determined adult shape and size.

But new research is uncovering a more nuanced view.

Some aspects of shape and size, it turns out, are more closely tied to genes than others.

The ease with which you develop muscle mass, for example, is a highly inherited trait.

“A study that appeared in the International Journal of Obesity found that while you need physical activity in order to build muscle, people who have “muscular” genes require far less exercise than others to look fit.”

Keep that in mind next time you want to model someone’s workout program.


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