Lamelo Ball shoes are in high demand now, or are they really?

Lamelo Ball Shoes cost a whopping $395. Why, because LaVar Ball said so! The Lamelo Ball Shoes are called The Melo Ball 1.

lamelo ball shoes

I guess hinting there are A LOT more to come, and we hope to god that is not the case.

There are also some surprising facts about these sneakers that you did not know.

We will get into that in a second, but first let’s talk about how the MB1 is a total ripoff of another sneaker, called Rare Metal Thunder.

Here is what these shoes look like…

lamelo ball shoes

Throw a couple more designs on there and it’s the same shoe.

That said, let’s talk about why we think Lamelo’s shoes are not even worth $100.

  • It has been reported that his sneakers rip after only being worn twice, because they are made from Chinese cheap as shit material.

lamelo ball shoes

  • That Canal Street in New York wouldn’t use to stick together one of their worst fake wallets.

LaVar Ball is known to be a retard, who walks around charing over $500 for his other sons shoes.

While his son Lonzo Ball is running around the NBA shooting 3’s out of his ass from the wrong side of his neck.

lamelo ball shoes

Lamelo Ball shoes are worst than his brothers, and his brothers sucked!

Don’t be a loser and wear the Lamelo Ball Shoes in the first place.

But if you think you still will go on their website, and like an idiot, spend $395 dollars. Than make sure you know this is what they will look like after you only wear them twice.

lamelo ball shoes

Lamelo Ball is definitely trying to rip everyone off with his father and give you a shit sneaker for a really high price.

Think about it, his brother LiAngelo Ball was caught shop lifting in China.

Now how the hell can someone that is that poor, have the money to create a good quality shoe? They can’t. The shoe is bullshit.

lamelo ball shoes

You are loser for wanting to wear the sneaker of somebody who currently plays basketball in the same country Borat was born.

  • He wants you to help him make a dollar, so if you want to, go ahead…

lamelo ball shoes

Here is a good point of view on whats going on with the Lamelo Ball Shoes.

“The cachet for a basketball sneaker comes from two main things: player performance and perceived shoe performance. Ain’t nobody going to believe that the MB1 or ZO2 is going to be on a level with team-level Nike/adidas models let alone the flagships and more expensive signatures, and LaMelo isn’t going to sell shoes on the basis of bring a maybe lottery pick who’s still in high school. They’re selling them this expensively because their manufacturer has capacity limits and they have next to no core competence in distribution, it’s nothing to do with some genius marketing or branding play.”

You are only being charged this much money, because they are not making millions of them. Also because of the shoe will be a lot more expensive.

  • On top of that, they think you’re a sucker that will pay for them.

If you are dumb enough to be a Lamelo Ball fan, you are dumb enough to buy the sneaker.

Basically, your shoes will look like this pretty quickly…

lamelo ball shoes

Feel free to check out this video, that once again lets you know, this might not be the best shoe for you to buy, for more than one reason.

Lamelo Ball is a good baller. I can give him that, but charging more money than players like Kobe, LeBron, and MJ, is just fucking retarded.

But it also makes sense with LaVar being your dad an all.



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