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Lamelo Ball Comes From A Family Of Retards, And Is A Retard Himself!

lamelo ball

Lamelo Ball hails from a family of retarded individuals and it’s only getting worse…

Lamelo Ball is very well known for having a retarded dad (Lavar Ball) who doesn’t know how to shut up. That is common knowledge by know. Lamelo Ball’s dad thinks he can beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1, so you know he’s just as dumber than the average Trump voter. See the video below…

Now that we are clear that his dad is dumb as a fucking rock, lets also mention that he is known for having a retarded brother who looks like he just hit puberty at the age of 23 and also has a haircut like the rest of his brothers, a retarded one.

lamelo ball

On top of looking like a dude that will never pick up a chick that is hotter than a 6, Lamelo’s brother Lanzo Ball thought it was a good idea to shoot from the opposite side of his body like a retard, that no other player in history has done before. Can you imagine what was going through his head the day he decided to shoot like a retard?

lamelo ball

Now that we have established that Lamelo Ball’s brother and father are absolute morons, lets talk about the bright and shining star of the family, which is his other brother, the real gem of the family, LiAngelo Ball. As you may know, the Ball family is doing pretty well financially, but that does not stop LiAngelo ball from shop lifting. This is old news, but we still wanted to high light that his dumb motherfucker got caught shop lifting in China, on top of being right.

This guys brother is the starting point guard for the LA Lakers, and he goes shop lifting? What a fucking moron. That said, lets move gears and talk about Lamelo Ball, the last and youngest brother. Lamelo Ball looks like Carot Top got off of steroids, and went to live in Somalia for 6 months. If you don’t know who Carrot Top is, this is him…


And here is the star of the article, Lamelo Ball with his big as stupid retarded looking afro and braces. We understand that kids go through changes, but this kid has had the same stupid ass haircut now for years, and it’s only getting bigger. As you will see in the Lithuania highlights video at the end of the article.

lamelo ball

Now that it’s clear that all of these kids are a bunch of rejects that just so happen to be pretty good at basketball, we do want to give them some credit and say that they are pretty damn good at basketball. There is a chance that all 3 of these brothers will end up going to the NBA. Check out the highlights below from Lamelo Ball playing in Lithuania, but also please keep an eye on his retarded haircut that has officially become out of control.

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