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This Is WHY People Don’t Go TO THE GYM!

The real reason behind why people are too lazy to go to the gym has finally been revealed! Scientific research reveals this amazing study...

If You Want To Know Why You Are Too Lazy To Go To The Gym, It’ Simple!

  • Being too lazy to go to the gym comes down to only one thing. You don’t like working out, and that is it. There is nothing more to it. If you liked going to the gym, you would have the motivation to go to the gym.

You would also enjoy going to the gym, and look forward to getting exercise. That is a fact. But the main reason you are not pumping the iron is…

It’s Because You Are

Fucking Lazy!


lazy bastard

Gym Motivation Does Not Last Long!

When people talk about gym motivation and dedication, it’s a bunch of bullshit! When you get motivated or dedicated, you are only doing something that you don’t want to do!

Think about it. Do you ever have to get motivated to eat pizza? Do you ever have to get motivated to sit around and do nothing? Of course you don’t. You never need dedication for something that you enjoy doing.

gym motivation

This is why the chances of people who don’t like working out are very low in being consistent. You can get excited after watching a motivational video, and go to the gym.

After some time, you will get used to that same inspiration, and you will not be as excited about working out as you first were.

Look Forward To Going To The Gym!

You have to look forward to going to the gym, it is the only way you will ever succeed at getting into great shape and shedding the pounds. eating like pig


I have never worked out a day in my life and felt that it was a painful thing to do. I never lifted a weight in my life. Every movement and every step in the gym, I was thinking about the results, and now how difficult the movement is.

  • It also felt good knowing that I am burning off all of the carbs and sugar I have in my system. The feeling of being weak was always satisfying to me once the workout is over.

Getting A Trainer To Get Motivated

Many people go out and get a trainer to get motivated to work out. That is not a bad idea, and I actually do recommend that you do that.

Just also know, that this is temporary motivation, and it will go away as soon as the personal trainer goes away. 

personal trainer

Think about it. What is the purpose of a personal trainer?

  • The purpose of a personal trainer is to motivate you, another words, force you to go to the gym. Many people pay a trainer, so they feel like they are waisting money if they don’t go to their sessions.

That is a  very stupid way to look at things. A better way would be, to ask yourself why do you even want to go to the gym. Once you know why, then you go because of that. Not because you know you should.


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