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Leezah Pizzah BITCH SLAPS TEKASHI 6ix9ine On Video Set, Wow!

leezah pizzah

Lizzah Pizzah Could Not Take Any More Sexual Harassment From Tekashi 6ix9ine, And It Got Ugly!

Lizzah Pizzah is a model and stripper who was basically nobody, until she made an appearance as a video hoe on Tekashi 69’s video “Gotti.” She is one of many that were video models in the Gotti video.

Lisa’s real name is Leeza Rodriguez, and here is a video of her naked with some pizza in case you want to spank your meat, which you probably do. That said, Leezah pizza had a violent encounter with Tekashi 69 during the video shoot in the Dominican Republic.

  • Here is a picture of Leeza that should make you want to keep reading this article.

leezah pizzah

Leezah Pizza Reportedly Slapped Tekashi 69…

Going back to the story and taking a break of starring at her ass, Leezah Pizzah told reporters that in between shoots one day, Tekashi Six9ine came into her dressing room with a big blood gang bandana, high on molly, demanding sexual favors in return for allowing her to be in his video.

She says he told her “this will be the highest viewed video you will ever be in!” He then proceeded to grab her by the pussy, just like Donald Trump does.

Leezah said she doesn’t understand what she did to provoke him, she was only tanning at the pool in her very conservative bikini.

Leezah Pizzah

Leezah said that once Tekashi grabbed her, she immediately bitch slapped him. Leeza Rodriguez said “I know he’s a pussy and can’t fight back.

I wasn’t scared to hit him because I saw this article about him getting his ass beat, so I knew he was a pussy.”  Even after she physically assaulted him for sexually assaulting her, he still proceeded to molest her in the water during the shoot.

The picture below captures him feeling on her before filming started.

leeza rodriguez

Tekashi 6ix9ine Said He Was Only Trying To Make Her His Girlfriend…

Yes, that is also a reported fact, sources say. Tekashi 69’er wanted to wife up Leezah Pizzah but was shut down.

Why would a broke stripper with a fake ass want to date someone like Tekashi 69’er, obviously she wouldn’t, she’s too good for that!  “That fucking haircut kills it for me, and also I saw that Tekashi is not packing in the swimming trunks if you know what I’m saying.

Not sure if it was pool shrinkage, but I won’t take the risk” Leezah told sources. Tekashi 69’er is just having a bad year I guess. Every gang wants to beat his ass.

  • The crips, even his own gang the bloods, and even people who don’t even know him want to beat his ass just for the way that he looks. He might as well just wear a shit that says “Jump Me.” After all he is a sexual predator, and a piece of…

leezah pizzah

Tekashi Six9ine Gotti Video Models Were Stunned…

The other models from the Gotti video were shocked about what happened, but also disappointed that it did not happen to them. This is because Leezah Pizzah will now get sponsored by Trojan for her own line of condoms.

tekashi 69

Leezah Pizzah does not currently have a boyfriend, and if you are thinking about it, you probably can’t hit that, just being honest.

Leezah plans on writing a book alongside other sexual assault victims of Tekashi Six9ine and starting her own career as a spokes women for fake asses and video hoes.


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