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How to Lose Weight Eating One Meal A Day

Are you tired of continuous crash dieting and not getting the desired results?

Controlling your taste buds at the sight of the last slice of tempting chocolate cake or missing food treats from friends to achieve your ideal body look. Well, that’s depressing.

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Weight loss is an exhausting piece of work, and everyone has once in their lives tried to do something about it. Looking for solutions where you are not putting up weight while enjoying that chocolate cake.

  • What if I tell you that you can eat that cake or enjoy that treat and still lose weight?

Sounds promising but the condition is you are allowed to eat only once in your whole day. Yeah, you read it right, we are talking about weight loss using only one meal a day!

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Benefits of eating one meal a day to lose weight:

  1. Rapid weight loss without any sweat!
  2. You don’t have to have cheat days because you can enjoy any kind of food in your one meal. (That chocolate cake!)
  3. You can relax as you don’t have to keep a calorie count in this diet.
  4. Having one meal to lose weight is like intermittent fasting, and so it helps control blood sugar levels in the body and reduces the risk of diabetes.
  5. Improves your memory and regulates your cardiac system.
  6. Regulation of sleeping cycles amongst obese people.

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What should you eat in a day to lose weight fast?

Losing weight by having one meal a day gives you the privilege of enjoying anything during that single meal. But if you are hasty in getting your perfect body back and need the results of this diet ASAP, you may need to start being specific about your food.

Start with lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Amongst other liquids, you should have no-calorie beverages like coffee or tea.

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The answer to what you should eat to lose weight FAST is first deciding what not to eat and so avoiding any sugary and processed foods.

“You need results but should get all the sufficient nutrients too that’s why take fruits, soluble fibers, and protein-rich foods.”

Any additional activities to improve one meal a day diet?

‘EXERCISE’! One meal a day to lose weight can get you rapid results, but you also need to maintain your body’s stamina respectively.

  • This would help you safely shed your pounds and would make you physically fit. Try morning walks, running, doing aerobics, or cardiovascular exercises on a regular basis along with single meals.

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You can consume sugar-free drinks especially water with your exercises.

Does not eating make you lose weight?

‘Not’ eating means reduced calorie intake, which obviously means weight loss.

This cuts down your fatty or sugary intakes, which are actually the cause of weight gain. This works but is opposite to a healthy weight loss plan.

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Not eating can make you lose weight but in a very unhealthy way and can cause problems like muscle loss, unstable blood sugar levels, eating disorders and on severe levels any diseases that require medical attention.

Moreover, not eating at all can, in turn, make you gain weight instead because your metabolism is slowed down which will help you put on some more pounds!

Is it bad to eat only one meal a day?

Having one meal a day to lose weight rapidly sounds like a neat trick, but along with the numerous benefits, it has certain risks such as:

  1. Rapid weight loss can result in weakness and issues followed.
  2. Declining stamina and fatigue can take over you.
  3. Intense hunger pangs to frustrate you.
  4. Sometimes the exhaustion and constant hunger feel can take away your ability to concentrate on your activities during the day.
  5. Eating disorders because of consumption of a large amount of food in one time.

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In some cases, these issues may intensify to require medical attention so NO and YES that it’s bad to eat only one meal a day, but the situations vary according to the lifestyles.

Can you lose weight by eating 1000 calories a day?

Plan to lose weight by consuming 1000 calories a day is deemed as one of the most aggressive ways to smarten your body.

Normally, you can start by reducing around 1000 calories a day to lose a pound or two within a week but the actual 1000 calorie overall consumption means extreme deprivation and starving.

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It can initiate a good start by displaying quick results, but with time, you start suffering from nutritional deficiencies, stalled metabolism and loss of muscle mass.

  • Yes, you can lose weight by eating 1000 calories a day quiet instantly, but this plan is never recommended as its similar to punishing your body and extremely depriving yourself than ‘one meal a day diet plan’.

Recommended diet plans or any similar ideas?

There is not a single most recommended diet plan because different studies suggest different preferable methods or these recommendations vary from person to person, lifestyles, regions and daily diets.

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It is better to pick out the suitable golden tips out of all the planning we do for our bodies.

So if you are planning to start a diet plan from tomorrow, do remember some keynotes we have concluded:

  1. Healthy!!!You don’t have to punish yourself at all for any plans you make to smarten yourself. Just remember to love yourself and consume healthy either diet or not.
  2. Physical fitness. You plan to look perfect, but this idea should be more of ‘fitness and perfection’. Find excuses to keep your body physically on the track and plan its maintenance according to the long run.
  3. Mental peace. ‘I have a double chin!’ or ‘I can’t fit in this dress’ these and many others are some depressing quotes to you, your body and your mind. Do whatever you love doing for your body, be it one meal a day diet plan but avoid stressing over these little issues to torture yourself. Everything takes time, so be patient while you wait and work on it!

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Besides all these, you know yourself better than us. We may have saved you a little sweat of research but experiment your limits yourself.

You can gear up now that you have all the do’s and dont’s about losing weight by one meal a day and be on it!


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