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Can you make your calves grow?

There is one thing you have to do to make your calves grow. Work them out with really heavy weight every single day you are alive.

building calves

Sounds pretty easy right, it’s not. It’s boring as all hell and time consuming. It’s easy to watch Youtube videos and read articles about how building your calves is all about dedication and diet.

  • And also a bunch of other stupid crap we have heard a million times!

If you are someone who does calves with their bodyweight, you can forget about seeing any growth!

calves grow

There are two reasons that you won’t make your calves grow!

How do you get your calves bigger? You are not lifting heavy enough!

  • This does not go for every body part! Lifting really heavy, about 5-6 reps, will get you strong but won’t grow the muscle much, for almost every body part.

get bigger calves

BUT for calves, you have to use a lot of weight, and actually work them out frequently. Without even working out, you do a million calf raises every single day, just by walking.

Your calves are used to A LOT of repetition with your bodyweight.

  • So why do you think they would respond to that? You have to shock them, and put a lot of weight on them, period! Also please keep in mind, that you will never lose a girl, or a job, or anything, because of your calves!

build bigger calves

How do you get defined calves? Genetics!

Sorry to let you down. Genetics strike again! You can be born with amazing genetics, and sometimes you get the short end of the stick!

  • Don’t let it discourage you. Just keep in mind, that people that can easily make their calves grow, might just have great genetics, or just be sticking a needle in their ass.

big calves

Either way, you can get pretty good calves by training them often.

  • Every workout, for 5-6 heavy sets and you should see some improvement. You will never find a person in the gym, that used to have small calves, and now has big calves after doing bodyweight calf raises. Not happening.

calves grow

I also hope you know that doing the above exercise on the “CALF MACHINE” will work your SHINS!

This machine, will work 90% shins and 10% your actual calves. So stop doing this machine. It will make you faster, and give you stronger shins. I do not think that is your goal.

calves grow

This machine above is by far the best to make your calves grow.

  • You can put on a lot of weight, it’s safe, and it’s comfortable. You can put weight on a barbell and go to the squat rack, but it will be uncomfortable and awkward.

Especially if you are female that can’t hold a lot of weight, but needs to in order to work the calves. It’s not that difficult, stick to the basics.




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