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Fitness Addict, AKA – Holler At Your Boy When You See Him In The Club Sipping On That Henny!

Fitness addict is a guy that stands 4 foot 3 inches on a good day, and still lives in his parents house. You can tell by his first Fitness Addict video, that he lives in the hood, and his furniture is still covered in plastic.

fitness addict

Being bored as all hell, this self proclaimed fitness addict decided to make a stupid video. It was about doing 20 push ups per day, and it went viral.

Why did the stupid pushup video go viral, I have no idea. 

  • It must have went viral in foreign countries where people actually believe that dumb shit. The video talked about how you can do only 20 pushups per day, and build a massive chest and grow muscle.

fitness addict pushups

This is absolutely not true, but this little midget got lucky and his video got some views.

Even though he has a retarded accent and a 3 grader vocabulary, the fitness addict video for pushups got over 1M views.

make living doing what you love

It’s Obvious That Tyrone, The Fitness Addict Is Going Nowhere In LIFE!

“Why do I say that? Not to hate, I just really think this guy has no education, and also really knows nothing about fitness. The viral push up video was the best and worst thing that could have happened to this guy in his life.”

It made him think that he is going places in fitness. That will most likely not happen! I personally think he’s whack as fuck and sounds dumb as shit. On the other hand, many other people don’t. 

fitness addict tyrone

Now Let’s Give The Fitness Addict Some Credit!

Even though this kid sucks more than Stormy Daniels at a Trump Tower, we still want to give him some credit on what he is doing!

“Holler At Your Boy When You See Him In The Club Sipping On That Henny!”

If you have heard that before, you have probably seen Tyrone’s Youtube Channel. wanted to pay tribute to Tyrone, and also give this man a lot of credit for having the ambition and drive.

And to take action and peruse his dream by making a living doing something that he loves! So what is his story?

It’s simple, he doesn’t give a shit and he just wanted to get started!

The fitness industry is highly competitive as is, and it would be easy for anyone to get discouraged and be apprehensive about battling for views and followers in this space. 

Especially if they do not have a fake ass. It seems that in today’s world, a fake ass takes you further than a triple PhD. The industry is also full of steroid using goons that do anything for views.

fitness addict tyrone

  • It lacks authentic people that tell it like it is, and people that stay naturally shredded as a mutherfucker (in Tyrone’s words)!

Check out one of his most popular videos below. If you think this is bullshit, for people that are not consistent lifters, 20 push ups each day will actually make a huge difference in your chest, it’s a scientifically proven fact.

Tyrone is more than a fitness inspiration, he is an inspiration to all people who are sitting around waiting to start doing something they are passionate about.

  • In today’s world, we have more opportunity than ever, to make a living doing something we love.

Social media is giving everyone an opportunity, and if you don’t take advantage of that, it’s your own fault. Tyrone is the prime example of what happens when you just start doing shit!

make living doing what you love

Here are a couple of things to learn from Tyrone, in order to be successful in life, and fitness as well.

Fitness Addict Doesn’t Care About What Other People Think!

How can you possibly be yourself and express yourself the way you want to if you care about what people think. Tyrone doesn’t give a shit and neither should you.

  • This might sound questionable to you, but look at it this way. Let’s say you have 10M followers on Instagram and you post “Let’s All Unite And Show Each Other Love”.

fitness addict tyrone

I bet you there will be people that talk shit about that comment. There are always people who don’t have shit to do other than talk shit, and it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone in whatever you do!

  • Express yourself, show your creativity, and use Tyrone as an example of why not to give a shit of what people think! Be yourself, content is subjective.

And for those who don’t think, or even wonder if Tyrone is natural. He 100% get’s’s approval that he is all NATURAL. And trust us, we wouldn’t just say that shit if wasn’t true.

Stop Complaining! Nobody Cares!

People sit on their ass, complain to their friends, and wonder how other people are finding success in what they want to be doing.

  • Everyone has a story, everyone has had bad things happen to them, but guess what…NOBODY GIVES A SHIT.

If you ask Tyrone, he would surely have many stories to tell you and millions of reasons why to just give up. But Tyrone knows nobody gives a shit, so he grabbed his camera and JUST GOT STARTED.

fitness addict

If there is a message he could give you on fitness or life, it would be JUST FUCKING GET STARTED!

Know Yourself And Your Fitness Addiction!

  • Obviously, Tyrone’s strengths are being shredded as a motherfucker and sipping that Henny at the club. But he also knows he has a great personality that people would love to see and be entertained by in fitness.

He knows himself and knows his strengths and tries to motivate everyone that watches him. So once again, HOLLAR AT YOUR BOY WHEN YOU SEE HIM AT THE CLUB SIPPIN ON THAT HENNY!

make living doing what you love has chosen to do an article on Tyrone because we feel that he will be the next Youtube fitness star, and also a much bigger star in general.

Or he might end up being a total loser. That is probably most likely what will happen to little Tyrone.


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