Making Steroids Can Land You 14 Years In Prison!

Before you consider getting into the steroid making and selling business, take this into consideration, you will go to jail!

selling steroids

  • Why do I say that, because selling steroids is exactly the same as selling drugs!

Have you ever heard of a successful drug dealer? Of course not!

There has never been a happy ending for a single steroid / drug dealer in the history of drug dealing!

Even the guys making steroids in the video below will get caught, if they haven’t already.

You Will Not Be The First Person To Make Steroids, Sell Them And Get Away With It!

steroid dealer

There are a lot of people who like hopping on the juice.

  • Well the government knows that you want big biceps and you want them fast.

So they are investing into stopping people from getting jacked!

As things stand today, nobody knows the actual size of the steroid black market.

  • Most people that sell steroids are law abiding citizens that have regular jobs. That is crazy to think about but it’s true.

stacking steroids

People that make steroids are a different story.

“Those people’s full time job is to make steroids, and then sell them to smaller dealers that you can find at any local meathead gym.”

That is unfortunately true.

The best way to get steroids, is to go and ask someone at the gym who looks like they use them.

  • The other way is to buy them online from guys like this in the video!

The crazy truth is that many people being getting locked up today for making and selling steroids are quite similar in background to your friends and neighbors.

They Are Usually Current Or Former Users Of Steroids Themselves

Usually it’s the guys who want to get jacked over night, and don’t want their genetics controlling their muscle size!

  • Overwhelmingly, these people are neither teenagers nor competitive athletes, they are your average Joe!

You know, the guy in the gym looking all blurry that has bitch tits also known as Gyno

making steroids

Nevertheless, the police and high level law enforcement are pursuing these folks with a passion!

  • Drugs are drugs, and like I said, you can get your self 14 years behind bars!

I have seen a person arrested for selling just one vial of steroids to a former training partner turned police informer.

Following with another for possessing just a bunch of stanozolol tablets and a almost empty bottle of testosterone.

making steroids

All too often, personal users are charged as dealers. But that is the risk you take for selling that shit!

How Do You Make Steroids At Home?

If you want to know how to make steroids at home, you are an idiot!

  • Why in the world would you want to take steroids in the first place is the question.

The second question is, why would you be dumb enough to make some shit at home and risk taking it yourself.

Steroids in general should be made by professional scientists who know what they are doing, and also used by people who really need them!

selling steroids

“Screwing around with random chemicals in your kitchen will only leave you in the emergency room fighting for your life.”

If you think nobody has died from steroids, think again. Here are 4 reasons why steroids can kill you!

How To Get Your Body To Produce Steroids Naturally?

Well, you freaking can’t! There is a lot of stupid blogs out there that tell you all kinds of things regarding this topic.

It’s all bullshit.

  • You can’t come even close to getting the results that real steroids would get you if you took them.

“Many blogs on the internet will give you the same old crap about eating avocado’s because of omega 3 acids, eating eggs and other stuff.”

steroid side effects

Once again, that could not be further from the truth.

It is impossible to eat eggs, and other regular food and increase your bench press by 2000% in 2 months!

  • That is what steroids do!

If eating regular food could replicate the juice, nobody would be buying and taking steroids!

How Much Do Steroids Cost?

Well that is simple. You never know what the hell steroids will cost if you are buying it from a guy at the gym right?

making steroids

  • Depending on where you are and who you are getting it from, the price can vary.

Quality and where it’s from will also play a role in the price.

“Keep in mind, you NEVER KNOW what is inside of this crap! So when someone tells you it’s good quality, it’s really no different than playing Russian roulette.”

  • That said, here is a standard price list in case you want something to compare to the prices you have been provided.

steroid prices

Here Are Some Reasons Why Not To Make Or Sell Steroids!

Well, if you have two brain cells, you know that you will end up in prison.

  • The second reason is, you will probably end up taking them yourself.

If that is not bad enough, know that you will have to deal with shit people in the world that are also drug dealers.

And drug dealers are typically not nice people at all!

arnold steroids

  • You definitely have a chance of getting your self killed in that business.

Just think about it, a drug dealer that is all roided up! Not a good combination no matter how you look at it!

If you are a young kid or maybe even an adult thinking about getting into something stupid like selling steroids, always remember one thing…


They have all died or have gone to jail.


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