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Matt Ogus life as a woman!

Matt Ogus

Matt Ogus life as woman!

Matt Ogus is a little guy on Youtube, who makes a lot of little videos of his little muscles. We want  to thank Matt for fully documenting his entire sex change from day one. The world saw your journey on Youtube. As we all know, Matt used to be a woman before his started his youtube channel, as you see below. (former Matilda Ogus)

Matt Ogus

Now fully transformed, he does have the risk of going to prison for male fraud. As an out of the closet lesbian, he is dating an eskimo girl who is an attorney. Her name is Klondike. She told him, “one slip of the tongue and you are in doo doo.” In their spare time, they both like to eat out, and don’t do dick. Matt says he is still confused, more than a dozen lesbians blind folded in a fish market, but he is confident his therapist Dr. Licalotapus will help with that.

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