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Michelle Lewin The Fitness Playboy Model, Just Another Stripper?

michelle lewin

Michelle Lewin Is Just Another Stripper That Came From Rags To Riches…

Michelle Lewin is a bodybuilder and fitness model based in Miami. That is really no surprise right, a hot Latina making a living off of her ass in Miami?

  • She has a large social media following with over 10 million followers on Instagram. That is also based on her ass, body, chest, and She has also appeared on many magazine covers including Playboy.

Michelle Lewin

Let’s focus on that last little piece of information, the part about her being a Playboy model.

Before you drool over the picture below, there is a sad story that follows. My question is, why does every stripper, hooker, or playboy model have to have some sad story that they expect everyone to treat them as a charity case, and excuse what they are doing?

  • If you sell pictures of your ass for money for the world to see, just say you do and end of story. Here is a little Playboy picture for you.

Michelle Lewin


Michelle Lewin Childhood Fairytale…

Michelle grew up in poverty in Maracay, Venezuela. That is listed in her bio, like that is a big surprise. Many people grow up in that country in complete wealth.

Regardless, when her stepfather left her mother Michelle, Michelle and her mother were left with nothing, they were forced to move into a meager apartment that hosted more cockroaches than food.

“That is also a weird statement in her bio considering it says she grew up in poverty and never had anything, so why is it a big surprise that she was left with nothing if she had nothing?”

Very similar story to the Gracyanne Barbosa story.

Michelle Lewin


Poor little Michelle Lewin Didn’t Have Anything To Eat!

“Michelle remembers growing up young, working with her mother to survive, even accepting neighborly charity to eat. She was very skinny and at one point only weighed 85 pounds.

During this time she would often wear long sleeves and pants to cover up her skinny appearance. She only first started working out when her mother took her to a gym at the age of 17.

For the first seven years of working out she only focused on working out her legs leading to a disproportionate body.”

michelle lewin

Michelle Lewin, now this is where the bullshit kicks in!

Have you ever seen a damn person or family or anyone on earth that is poor and taking charity to eat food, go to the gym?

Bums and poor people are too damn hungry to go to the gym! This is just a sob story that makes her look like some big success story that came from nothing.

  • She probably came from nothing, but I bet you my next steroid order that she was not starving. Ok, in the picture below when she is young is perfect proof.

Do you know anybody that is starving and has a smile on their face? Exactly!

michelle lewin young

Michelle Lewin’s Husband Might Be The Reason She Eats Steroids..Yes, Eats Them Like Skittles!

Michelle met Jimmy Lewin her future husband in 2008.  Jimmy became not only her life partner but also got involved in her training and taught her to work out her upper body.

And not her fake tits, here arms and shit like that. In 2010, the two married.  To this day, Jimmy is her personal trainer, agent, social media manager and best friend.

  • He also happens to be her steroid dealer, she forgot to mention that. That motherfucker has the hookup like Ronnie Coleman in his prime.

Take a look at this dude… Yes, you are correct, he’s just another roided up midget that probably had a couple bucks in the pocket to pay for that ass.

michelle lewin husband

Not talking shit (maybe a little, maybe a lot), but if you make money off of your body, in any kind of way, you are taking some shit, that is a fact. And in her case, she is a woman that is getting older, ass and everything should be dropping, and on her it’s not. In reality, every ass will drop to the ground no matter how many squats you do. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. Women already don’t have much testosterone for muscle mass. She is currently in her 30’s and that ass should be dropping soon. Regardless, the fake tits, the muscle mass, the body in general, it’s a fact she’s taking shit and also that her husband is most likely getting that shit for her.

michelle lewin

Now as the reader of this article, you have purely skimmed through everything written on this page just hoping to see some ass, and more pictures. So we didn’t want leave you hanging like that, so here is a video for you to spank your meat. Enjoy!


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