Midget Bodybuilder gets jacked and shows the world whats up!

Who ever said that midget bodybuilders don’t exist? Most of these guys are actually way more jack than the average guy.


  • Meet Vince Brasco, the latest dish the internet has served up to make you feel bad about yourself.

Jacked midgets are whats hot in these streets!

Nicknamed “Mini Hulk” Vince’s no quit attitude is sure to have you questioning what is even physically possible.

  • Just take a look at this guy, certified shredded.

All jokes aside, it takes a lot of courage to not let something like  achondroplasia, from stopping you from doing what you want to do.

But if you are not satisfied by a simple picture that shows a jacked bodybuilder midget, lets roll the tape and break down just how simply impressive “Mini Hulk” is.

  • BRO, thats 220 no problem! I see dudes at the gym all the time who can’t even do a fucking push-up let alone bench press 86 times their body weight (rough estimate).

The barbell is like double the size of him. Shit thats snatch your chick straight off the elliptical weight. Look I’m all about journalistic integrity so yes I will take the time to address the haters, he doesn’t have to move that weight very far.

But to me thats more impressive, this guy barely has arms and is moving big boy weight. I mean this guy has more fight in him that his compatriot, the knight from Monty Python.

He is certainly Muscle Roast approved! As they say (again)…….. roll the tape!!!!!

I mean he falls off that bench he’s breaking something. It makes it that much more impressive.

Whats this man’s 40 time!!!!!!!!! The Giants do need a running back…….

I’m honestly not even sure that I could do that. Dude could probably kick my ass.


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