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Mike Chang dog eating diet secrets!

Mike has finally come forward and gave us the ultimate tip, he actually eats dogs for his lean protein needs.

Mike Chang dog eating diet secrets!

Mike Chang, the guy that brought us Six Pack Shortcuts on Youtube, on top of many other workout programs and diets that transform your body (NOT). He finally come forward to gave us the ultimate tip. Mike actually eats dogs for his lean protein needs. It does make him act a little strange, but he has never been more ripped in his life.

Mike Chang


The discovery was made when he ate his own dog last year. Ever since then, he has been a regular at the pet shelter consistently adopting dogs. He has even received a humanitarian award for the adoptions. Little did they know, what he was doing with them. For breakfast lunch and dinner, mike eats dogs, and really likes to snack on steamed dog feet as a substitute to pig feet. There is much leaner meat he says on dogs. They eat good food, so it only makes sense to eat them. You are what you eat, says Mike.


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