Muscle Roast


Mike O’Hearn Steroid Laboratory Open!

Mike O’Hearn is our favorite natural bodybuilder. A 4X Mr. Universe, Mike currently stands at 6’3″, 49 years old, and 262 lbs of pure perfectly shaped muscle.

Mike of course swears on his mothers eye balls, family tree, that he is a natural bodybuilder. Mike O’Hearn has never taken a steroid in his life.

  • I mean, what 46 year old out there is not doing 405 lbs reverse grip bench press for reps?

mike ohearn steroids

Mike’s Steroid Party Is Invite Only!

  • As a new venture, Mike would like to invite you to his grand opening party of “Mike’s Roids.” This is a laboratory Mike is opening up where you can come and get your favorite cocktail of steroids, and Mike will personally mix the concoction himself for you.

Just make sure to leave him a nice tip. The grand opening party will have free champagne for everyone and chicken breasts.

mike ohearn steroids

Please leave your syringes at the door.

We can’t have people dancing with needles in their pockets.

If you are lucky enough to make it to the VIP Room with Mike O’Hearn, he will have some there for your you, in case you would like to put some vitamin C in it, or B12 vitamins like Roger Clemens.


mike ohearn steroids

The VIP Room is a work in progress, but this is where Mike O’Hearn will hook your ass up with something proper!

This is the place you can power up to get the 405 lbs for reps like Mike with reverse grip right!

It’s not called doping, it’s just a simple power up!


natural bodybuilder


The natural bodybuilder we all love, is just doing this to help people and give back to the community! And also make a few bucks to pay the rent.

Just take a look at this picture below. If you are not familiar with steroids, just know what it’s simply impossible to look like this guy looks today without using them.

mike o'hearn steroids

How Tall Is Mike O’Hearn?

Mike O’Hearn is 6 foot 3 inches tall.

The worst part about this guy is that he actually has great genetics, and great height!

He could have looked great without poisoning his body with steroids, and lived a much more healthy life!

steroids gif

“His height of 6’3 is ideal for a lot of guys, and a lot of guys wish they could be that tall. Unfortunately, he would not be “Mike O’Hearn” without the steroids.”

He’s story is very similar to Arnold’s story. He’s a good looking tall guy, but without steroids, they would have never made it to Hollywood. Or even anywhere on TV for that matter.

If he does have some good acting skills, he could have had a career in the movies as is without steroids. But he chose the other path!



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