Who Is Mike O’Hearn?

Mike O’Hearn is one of the biggest names in the fitness industry.

His workout, diet, relationship, and bio are all below for you to get to know this guy!

mike o'hearn gladiator

He is a very successful bodybuilder, fitness influencer, actor and male model. He has also done quite a bit of acting and currently lives in California.

Mike O’Hearn has been featured in over 500 magazines, including many covers.

  • To be honest, Mike is a good looking guy, and he is known in the fitness and entertainment industry because of it.

Besides being a good looking guy, Mike O’Hearn was also blessed with some amazing genetics that have provided him an amazing physique.

How Tall Is Mike O’Hearn?

  • Mike O’Hearn is about 6 foot 2 inches tall. 

Mike O'Hearn gladiator

How Old Is Mike O’Hearn?

  • Mike O’Hearn was born in 1969, which makes him 50 years old today!

Mike’s Career Of Many Avenues!

Mike O’Hearn went under the name Titan in the revival of the TV Show “American Gladiators in 2008.”

Besides acting, he is also a personal trainer, and has trained Marc Bell during his prep for his bodybuilding show in 2018.

In the series that Marc posted on his YouTube channel, you can see many useful tips Mike had up his sleeve.

Mike O'Hearn

  • He really understands the human anatomy, and knows all kinds of old school tricks to achieve that dream body.

Mike began his competitive carrier at the early age of only 14!

He kept pursuing it and eventually gave up on the competitive part, but never stopped lifting.

Is Mike O’Hearn Natural?

Unless you share a home with Mike, you can not be sure about such matters.

Even if you did live with him, you still wouldn’t be sure about what he’s doing when he goes into bathroom and stays locked inside for longer than it is normal!

  • Maybe he is just looking at the magazines right? All natural bodybuilders do that!

Mike O'Hearn steroids

What does being a natural bodybuilder even mean? 

There are people, like my uncle, who think that muscle gained by lifting weights is not real muscle.

There are also people who think that creatine is a steroid!

And there are people that are using so much gear, that they don’t even consider them steroids anymore!

  • The point is, where is the line? What does natural bodybuilding even mean?

When you get on that stage or under that bright light of a photoshoot camera, the only thing that matters is how you look.


Judges won’t ask you how you achieved your physique.

The sport of bodybuilding is an untested sport, so performance enhancing drugs are not the issue.

Everyone in the industry does whatever they can to win.

  • It is how people survive, and everybody does everything they can to win a contest, or get that next movie role.

If someone doesn’t look impressive, it doesn’t matter if you is using steroids or not. It’s all about the end result, at least when someone is debating hiring you for a specific look.

mike o'hearn legs

Yes, there are natural competitions that have drug testing.

Steroids stay in the system for a certain amount of time, just like any other drug.

They can not be detected after that time period.

You can take two people prior to competition, and give only one of them steroids for 8 months. After about 3 months, that person can stop taking steroids.

  • Prior to competition, the drugs will never be detected, and that person will win by far standing next to the person who did not take any PED’s.

Also, there are only certain drugs on the list for testing.

mike o'hearn steroids

You can not fail the test if you take something that is not on the list.

  • Athletes with more knowledge on this matter and better resources, will prevail in such competitions.

So, a term natural doesn’t mean a lot. It’s a constant cat and mouse race in this sport, and also in any other competitive sport, especially the Olympics.

“Even though Mike O’Hearn never admitted using steroids, nobody can know this for certain.”

Is It Likely That He Is Natural? No, It’s Not.

A person does not achieve one of the best physiques in the world by doing things naturally.

mike o'hearn magazine

As long as he is making money with his body, he will be using steroids.

If that is his job, why wouldn’t he maximize the results and later and revenue?

  • Of course he would, and he did. It is just common sense, at least for people who think like that.

Steroids are not that dangerous as mainstream media makes them seem. But there is still no major tests over time that prove otherwise.

If used properly they can be very beneficial for an athlete and for regular people.

  • But that of course can be short lived and have significant consequences.

mike o'hearn workout

Mike just wants more attention by claiming natty status, which of course causes people to argue, which leads to more views!

Maybe he also doesn’t want younger generations to be influenced by his decision, so he lies.

Mike O’Hearn Workout Program

Mike O’Hearn is the creator of the famous Power Bodybuilding method!

Logically, it is a combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding.

He uses heavy weights and compound movements in order to grow muscle.

  • So what is a difference between powerlifting training and bodybuilding training?


The main thing about this program, is that it helps you grow muscle, and not just build strength.

  • You would not just focus on getting stronger.

The short answer to this, is that the idea is to perform very heavy lifts, but with very heavy weight so the muscle gets the stimulation.

  • Let’s say you are doing incline chest for example.

This is the first thing that makes this program different from powerlifting. 

“You are not doing flat bench press, you are doing an incline press.”

If you know powerlifting, you know that nobody does incline presses! 

mike o'hearn bench press

You should set your body in a position where you will feel strong, safe, and able to produce maximum muscle damage on your pectoral muscles.

Dig your shoulders deep into the bench, and lift your chest up.

Focus on contracting the chest, and also squeeze the muscle before you even start the movement.

  • The goal is to pick a weigh where the max reps you can perform is about 8.

Once again, the most important thing here is to contract the muscle with the best form possible, with the heaviest weight possible.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at this workout, is that it’s also something your body will get used to.

mike o'hearn workout

Mike O’Hearn Diet

You must have heard about the Mike O’Hearn diet with duck egg embryo’s?

If you have not, let me enlighten you. One of his supplements contain duck egg embryo’s.

Hey but who doesn’t eat that? Right?

  • Talking about Mike O’Hearn’s real diet, please take into consideration, that eating what he eats will not get you to look like him!

Yes it can help, but there is a million other factors aside from his diet that will determine how you look.

mike o'hearn diet

So What Does Mike Eat?

As an old school guy, he is a huge believer in whole foods. Not the store, the actually whole food!

You may hear him telling people that he takes all kinds of supplements, but it’s just advertising of his products.

What he really eats on the daily basis, is whole eggs, dark meat such as beef, and sometimes horse. Yes horse.

  • Of course chicken is a part of his regular diet, just like any other meat head out there in the world.

He does prefer dark meat a lot more, because it is more calorie and protein dense.

As far as fats, he mainly consumes saturated fats from eggs and meats.

In regards to carbs, he loves oatmeal which is his favorite carb choice, along with sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and brown rice.

Who Is Mike O’Hearn’s wife?

mike o'hearn wife

As of today, Mike is not married.  He used to be married to Midajah O’Hearn, but I guess his first love was always the gym!

It’s also no surprise that she was a fitness model and fitness trainer like him!

The thing she is most known for, is being an American Wrestling Manager at the WCW federation, and has also appeared in a couple of movies.

Mike O’Hearn Conclusion

Some people are just great athletes with great genetics, they are born that way.

If you are one of them, you got lucky.

Mike has been fortunate enough to have the building blocks of success in the entertainment and fitness industry early on, and has taken advantage.

No matter what supplements he takes, no matter what his diet is, you should know that genetics are 90% of your muscular development success.

  • Don’t get me wrong, you can double your size naturally, but can you look like a physique model, not if you don’t have good genetics.

You can train your legs all you want, jump all you want, but you will probably never jump from the free throw line like Michael Jordan.

That said, guys like Mike O’Hearn sure do have good advice to give, and you can learn a few things.

  • You should take advice from everyone, that is my advice.

Then figure out what works for you.



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