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Mike Rashid The BOXER Turned FITNESS KING!

mike rashid

Who Is Mike Rashid?

Mike Rashid (real name Cinque Koseam Glendy) is one of the most popular names in the fitness industry.

He wasn’t a bodybuilder from the start.

mike rashid

The first sport he ever did was actually boxing.

  • At the young age of only 12, he had his first boxing match.

Boxing is what got him into fitness, and what made him want to always be fit and jacked!

He says that his father had a big influence on him becoming what he is today.

His father thought him what it means to be physically fit and an athlete.

“My father had my brothers and I chopping wood, swimming, sprinting in sand, hiking, doing pull-ups, etc. I had my 1st boxing match at age 12,” says Mike.

When he started boxing, he was already very athletic.

mike rashid boxing

  • Mike was very strong, agile, and knew what being disciplined meant.

During his teens, his determination resulted in him becoming a professional boxer, and later even winning boxing titles.

One of the most noticeable awards was The National Golden Gloves Championship.

During his boxing carrier, he had to weight train, and over time, fell in love with bodybuilding.

  • To be more precise, he started doing something called Power Bodybuilding.

A training system invented by Mike O’Hearn.

This is basically training for hypertrophy with powerlifting movements.

mike rashid workout

It’s becoming very strong on the bench press, squat, and deadlift, but doing them in such a way that causes your body to grow muscle.

As time went on, these type of workouts got Mike Rashid some good size and great strength.

  • Being as active as he was, he never really gained any fat. His fast metabolism and active lifestyle kept his body fat percentage very low.

His physique still looks great on a daily basis, and he is close to being competition ready at all times.

As you may have imagined, somebody challenged him to try and do a show.

mike rashid competing

He accepted it and gave it a go.

That was the actual day he fell in love with this sport.

“I never had any intention on competing, someone recommended I do a show, 2 weeks prior to it. I accepted the challenge and it went well, I liked it so I kept on doing it.”

That bodybuilding stage can be pretty addictive. 

He kept on training for hypertrophy, with the same powerlifting technique.

  • His body progressed, and his physique became one of the best in the fitness industry.

mike rashid workout

Not only did he have very developed muscularity and low body fat, he also had very good proportions.

His big arms made him stand out.

Big arms wouldn’t be enough if he didn’t have a personality, that made people love him on Youtube.

Mike Rashid Became a Professional Bodybuilder In The WBFF Federation

He competed for some time and had pretty good results. Here are some of them:

  • 2013 WBFF Worlds Las Vegas, 7th.
  • 2011 EPFNB Michigan Challenge Of Grand Rapids, 6th.
  • 2011 NPC Michigan Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini & Physique Championships, 7th.
  • 2010 NPC Flint/Mid-Michigan Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships, 1st.
  • 2008 NGA Great Lakes Natural Championships, 2nd.

mike rashid biceps

Now, one of the most important things about Mike, that actually made him as popular as he is today, is his YouTube channel.

He was one of the first fitness Youtube channels, alongside The Hodge Twins, Chris Jones, Omar Isuf and others.

  • Originally it was all about power bodybuilding.

But as time went on, he pretty much discussed every single topic on bodybuilding.

Down the road, he did start changing what he talked about on his channel. He got more into spirituality and motivation. 

He shared his thoughts on how to be happy in and successful in life.

mike rashid clothing

To some, Mike is a life coach, an entrepreneur, and an author who owns a gym! Go figure!

He has a clothing and supplement line, which are both making him pretty good money these days.

  • His gym is stationed in Miami, and it’s pretty popular amongst people who like that atmosphere.

Mike is born in the USA, on March 14th, 1982. He is 37 today. He is 5’11” ft(180cm) tall and weighs around 225lbs (100kg).

Is Mike Rashid A Natural Bodybuilder?

Mike Rashid is officially claiming a natural status.

Is this true? It could be.

When he was competing professionally as a bodybuilder he must have taken something.

Why wouldn’t he?

  • As long as you are making a living with your body, why wouldn’t you enhance it some illegal substances?

mike rashid motivation

If you are careful and you know what to do, everything should be fine. It’s not like anybody died from bodybuilding before!

If you are making money out of it, you don’t even have to know what to do yourself, you can hire a coach.

A person who is an expert in this field that can help you get maximum results with as little or no side effects.

There is no side effects, there are only benefits with steroids!

  • Depending on how hard you push the envelope, is how bad it is gonna be on your body.

Being as big as Mike was in his competitive days, it is safe to say that he didn’t use a huge amount of drugs.

mike rashid

He was probably very careful and he is not just another meathead.

He does use his brain here and there.

On the other hand, is it possible that he actually was natural?

  • Of course, it is. Even if nobody ever looked that good naturally!

Maybe he is the first human being ever with insane genetics!

You can never be sure about this.

All you can know is whether or not he is a successful bodybuilder.

Besides his success in competitive bodybuilding, his best powerlifting numbers are the following:

  • Bench Press: 475
  • Squat: 585
  • Deadlift: 635

Mike Rashid Workout Program

mike rashid bench press

As mentioned before, his training philosophy relies on powerlifting types of movements.

He is a believer in Power Bodybuilding.

This means that gaining strength is used as a tool for gaining muscle, and vice versa.

  • When you put your body through that kind of stress, it will respond by adapting to it.

How will it adapt? By adding muscle mass so it becomes stronger.

Becoming stronger means becoming more efficient at performing this task.

His focus is mainly on the big 3. Bench press, squat, and deadlift.

  • He is also a huge fan of the military press, and loves pressing overhead for the best shoulder workout.

mike rashid

He believes that these compound exercises are the biggest bang for your buck.

Incorporating them in your routine will give you results in strength gain, muscle gain, and it will also improve your stability.

His personal favorite movement is the squat.

“I feel squats are the foundation for any athlete, in any sport. I like to incorporate powerlifting principles in progressing to a max effort for a neural response which translates to strength.”

There is one more thing about his training system that makes it different from others.

mike rashid squat

That is endurance, which comes from his boxing background.

Boxing requires crazy stamina.

  • In his boxing days, he used to do a lot of running and sparing.

Now, as a power bodybuilder, he is also adding a lot of these workouts to spark up his training sessions, and make him more functional and healthy.

Mike Rashid Diet

As you know, Mike had different goals with his body over the years.

In his boxing days, diet wasn’t as important as training was.

His approach back then was to put in as many whole foods as he possibly could.

  • He focused on red meat, whole eggs, and all kinds of carbs.

Basically, he simply needed enough energy to get him through the training sessions, and enough building blocks to repair his muscles in order to get stronger.

In His Bodybuilding Days, He Ate Like An Average Bodybuilder!

mike rashid diet

High protein meals, mainly from chicken and egg whites, every 2 to 3 hours.

Carbs sources were from rice and oats mainly.

Protein shakes were also something was a fan of when getting all those meals down was tough.

  • But lately, Mike wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay muscular just enough to make his body pleasing and not freakishly big!

He went down from 240 lbs to 225 lbs pretty quickly by eating only once a day.

He says that this is how humans use to eat originally, in the stone age.

Why would it hurt him? He would eat only one meal a day and it made him feel very healthy.

  • He did not lose any strength and also lost a lot of fat.

Who Is Mike Rashid’s Girlfriend?

mike rashid girlfriend

Mike has had many girlfriends in his life, but I guess none worked out to the point of him tying the knot!

Will we see Mike in a wedding tux any time soon? We can only guess.

What we do know, is that right now he is in a relationship with IFBB BIKINI PRO Narmin Assria.


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