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Milos Sarcev

Milos Sarcev has a story people need to hear…

To provide some background, bodybuilding pro Milos Sarcev comes from a war torn country formerly known as Yugoslavia.

It is beyond impressive, that during these times, Milos managed to maintain his sanity due to the very difficult times of his home country.

  • But second, with very limited resources was still able to become one of the most legendary athletes.

Not only in the history of the former Yugoslavia (now known as Serbia), but in the United States.

Milos Sarcev

This can definitely sound crazy and very impressive, and we will get into how he did it soon.

It’s one thing for Arnold Schwarzenegger to come from a different country from a privileged family, but another when your people back home are starving.

“Milos entered and won his first major competition in 1986, only a few years before things started falling apart in Yugoslavia, and a major crisis hit along with war.”

It could have been so easy for Milos to fall into depression like many others, but he did not.

  • He started pushing harder, and knew he had to keep on moving forward to save his own life and help his family.

Here is our young champion just when he was first coming on the bodybuilding scene, only a few years before he made the top 10 at the Olympia.

Here are a couple words from Milos to give you a better idea.

Obviously a move from Serbia to the USA was a big event in your life, how did it affect you?

“It was a huge deal – leaving my family and friends to start my life alone and pursue my dreams thousands of miles away in another continent without money, right connections, friends or knowledge of the language.

However, it was my clearly defined goal – and it was really only up to me to accept that challenge. Needless to say – I am glad I did.” – Milos Sarcev 

If that is not a true Gladiator, I don’t know who is!

milos sarcev

One of the things we really never take into consideration, when we watch competitive bodybuilding, or just sports in general, is what the journey of the person was.

  • To get where they got. What were their resources, what they had to overcome, how hard they had to work.

“Some athletes would be considered the greatest in the world, of all time, if people knew their stories.”

No matter the trophies, championships or fame. These are hero’s that deserve more credit, and Milos is one of them.

Take a look at this guys record, it’s self explanatory.

He is one of the most dedicated ambitious athletes of all time who dealt with adversity that most can’t dream of.

Milos Sarcev

Pressure creates diamonds…

“Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 118 mi) in the Earth’s mantle.

What does this mean?

It means that nobody ever did anything great in life or achieved amazing things, who has not experienced major pain and adversity.

This is the drive, that separates Milos from other athletes.

  • And this diamond, even today, is still known for one of the greatest physiques to ever hit the bodybuilding world.

Milos Sarcev

In todays day, Milos is giving back and fully understands how fortunate he is to have the career he has had.

This is why he is also known as one of the “smartest bodybuilders” of all time, and also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet in your life.

  • Milos is currently a mentor, a trainer, and a businessman.

He is extremely knowledgable and is considered as one of the first “go to” advisors in the industry.

Her is some great advice from the man himself!

There is a lot to learn from Milos. One thing that is hard to learn, is heart and the love for the sport.

BUT, if you are trying to get some muscle…we strongly recommend you reach out to Milos Sarcev.

  • Or at least listen to his coaching prior to other advice that is all over the internet.

What causes some of us to bounce back and persevere in response to failure or disappointment? While others are left despairing and defeated? Here are things Milos had to master in his journey.

1. The ability to find meaning

When we experience disappointment, loss, or trauma, finding meaning in our pain helps us accept and integrate what we’ve gone through.

  • Resilient individuals trust there’s a gift, lesson, or opportunity in every challenging situation

2. The ability to surrender and trust in the face of uncertainty

Believing everything is in our control is incredibly stressful.

Surrendering to the anxiety-provoking reality that we have influence over very little in life. It can actually be incredibly relieving. If we of course have some sense of spirituality, faith, or trust in the process.

3. He had to be a champion

Champions are innovative. He was always pushing to the new frontier.

  • He didn’t accept the “givens” of any field of endeavor. He challenged them. Creative people challenge the parameters.

“The best in the world seek the advice of this champion. Here is him training with the great Ronnie Coleman.”

Milos Sarcev

4.  The fourth quality is self-discipline

That is more than just the hours Milos put in.

But it is the discipline to lay aside other pleasures and concentrate hard on his own development.

  • It is about focus and single mindedness.

It was always about absorption in Milos’s task. About deep not shallow thought, about getting down to the core of what he was trying to achieve.

Oh yes, and BTW, if you for one second think he still doesn’t have it, I would definitely approach with caution!

milos sarcev

He still has it and he is only getting better.

There is much respect deserved for Milos. What a wonderful story, career, and passion we all as fans have witnessed.

These kind of people only come along once in a generation, and they inspire all of us to push the limits, to achieve, and to be the best people we can be.

We here at want to personally thank Milos for being an idol.

  • But also a mentor for a long time, and we look forward to great things to come from you in the future!


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