Do You Ever Wonder What People Diets And Workouts People Are Searching For Online?

The most popular fitness search terms, which includes the most popular diet searches and workout searches are included in this article. These can serve you in two different ways.

If you are looking for a new workout program or a new diet, this can give you some ideas on what other people are searching for, and you can give it a try yourself. Here they are!

Oblique Workout

Obliques are the muscles that run on the side of your abdomen.

They are on the left and right sides of your abs, and help stabilize your spine, especially when you twist and turn. Some sources feel it’s not even good to flex your muscles every day.

ab workout

I see many people in the gym working this muscle, and do not really understand why. First of all, working this muscle gives you the opposite look that most people are shooting for, because it does make your obliques thicker, and if the goal is the have a slim waist, this is not the thing to do.

  • Also, oblique exercises do not give you abs! These muscles should only be worked if you are already ripped to shreds, and just want to ad some additional shaping of the muscles and strength. The exercises it self do not burn many calories, and they should be the last on your list.

Mediterranean Diet

I am not really sure why so many people are looking up this diet. Mediterranean foods are really no different that any other foods.

Yes, most countries on planet earth are more organic that food in the United States, but that is about the only difference in the Mediterranean diet. The diet is centered around healthy vegetables, healthy fats like olive oil, and sporadic lean proteins.

I really see this as being no different than any other plant based diet.

mediterranean diet

HIIT Workout

This one is understandable, because it is effective. High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most effective ways to build up muscle, build up endurance, and also burn fat.

Why is this the case? Because the workouts are hard! They require a lot of energy, and that is something most people are not willing to do. People rather walk on the treadmill for hours because it’s easy. Here are 5 ways to lose belly fat.

hiit workout

Ketogenic Diet

This is everyone’s favorite. People always talk about no carbs, because they can’t stop eating carbs! That is why the keto diet is so popular.

Many people don’t know how hard this diet is, and what it actually does to your body, but I do have to say that it works. I would strongly suggest this diet for initial weight loss to get a jump start, but long term, it can be a major pain in the ass.

That said, maybe a study will come out 20 years from now to prove me wrong, I just know it’s not for everyone.

keto diet

Burpees Exercise

This is a great exercise! It’s hard to do and it gets your heart rate going like crazy! The best part is also that you can do burpees right at home! Burpees involve and include your entire body.

You are constantly doing pushups, directly followed by bodyweight squats, and doing that over and over until you feel like passing out. But I will tell you that you can expect some major calorie burn from them!

burpees workout

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

This diet has been around for a very long time, and yes I feel like it’s another approach for people to get a quick fix and lose weight fast.

The downfall to this diet, is that it’s not a quick fix at all, and it actually takes a pretty long time to shed some pounds from what sources say. I have a very hard time believing that, because if that is all that you are drinking, you should be able to lose an insane amount of weight very quickly.

There are a lot of different studies around this, but it just makes sense to me, that if you are drinking something with zero calories, you will lose weight very fast. I also see no difference between this and just eating celery all day. It’s your choice, but I do not recommend this diet.

apple cider vinegar



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