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Big Ramy Tours On $2 FREAK SHOW In CIRCUS! WTF?

Mr Olympia 2017 Big Ramy

Mr Olympia 2017 Was Historical, Big Ramy showed us exactly what not to look like.

I really care less that Big Ramy came in 2nd place.

  • Why I have no idea. It’s most likely because fans like to see freaky shit when they go to these shows (Mr Olympia 2017). But I know it definitely has nothing to do with bodybuilding (Just like Arnold said) in our article:

“Bodybuilders are too big today, and Arnold feels the same way!”

Big Ramy


The average person thinks that bodybuilders are disgusting as is, so the number of people that would actually think that Big Ramy looks good, is probably close to zero.

Look at Big Ramy posing last night at the Mr Olympia 2017.

  • He just looks stupid. Are you telling me, that if Phil Heath chokes on a piece of stake, and dies like Dallas McCarver did, that Big Ramy would be the best bodybuilder in the world?

If so, that means that who ever wants to beat him, needs to be bigger?

On top of looking like a steroid monster with a tiny little pecker, Big Ramy also sounds like he has a 2 grade education.

Yes I know English is his second language, but I would bet this knucklehead doesn’t sound any better in his own language.

  • Mr Olympia 2017 and Big Ramy’s placing let bodybuilding down in my opinion.

“If you want to see a freak show, we should have another contest, or a circus where mentally retarded freaks like Big Ramey are locked in a cage, and you can pay two dollars to see him, and then another $2 to hear him speak.”

  • Now that’s something I would take my children to see…take a couple selfies and we are good to go.

 Big Ramy

Mr Olympia Big Ramy Shows Off Little Pecker

I can’t imagine how it feels to be 800 lbs, close to mute when it comes to speaking, and then running around in front of thousands of people with a tiny little pecker.

The bigger he is, the smaller it looks. Some people thought that Ramy was a woman, but I had to correct them.

  • Enough about Big Ramy’s little pecker, let’s see why this big roid head lost to Phil Heath.

“I was very nervous that this moron might get the crown and win Mr Olympia 2017, and bodybuilding as we know it would go to complete shit, like it already has.”

 Big Ramy

He lost for not being ripped enough I guess.

Maybe thats because he got loser Dennis James to coach him on diet… yes Dennis James the guy that never won shit, just walked around telling people what to do because he can’t do it.

Here is what Dennis suggested for Ramy to eat…

Big Ramy

Anyway, this sport is going in the total opposite direction than we all expected.

All of the talk about “Classic Physiques” and “Great Symmetry” is all a bunch of crap.

After what we saw in Mr Olympia 2017, there is one clear statement that was made. Nobody cares about how these bodies look, people come to show to see freaks, and it’s only going to get worse.

  • It’s obvious that with new 100% owner of the Olympia (American Media), they want to make more money, and they will do that by people coming to see stupid freaks like they did last night.

Ramy should not have been in Top 6.

Our Government Supports Illegal Drugs Like Steroids, From What I See

Isn’t it a little weird, that our government sends troops to stand for the national anthem, to open up a ceremony of drug addicts?

I mean, steroids are an illegal drug, these guys can’t get enough of it so they are addicts, and this is a display of what drugs do to your body. I’m I wrong?

big ramy


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