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Muscle Groups To Workout Together For DUMMIES!

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Muscle Groups To Workout Together

Knowing what muscle groups to workout together is important, but not the end of the world!

  • The best advice on what muscle groups to workout together, is workout muscles that don’t hurt!

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What do I mean by that? If you flex your muscle, and it doesn’t hurt or feel weak (over trained), you can work it out!

The skill of knowing what muscle groups to workout together comes from knowing your body.

  • And that takes years of working out. But if you want to know what pairs well together in the gym, that is a different story.

Here are good examples of what muscle groups work well together! (keeping in mind you got to eat your chicken! 

Kali Muscle

What Muscle Groups Should I Train Together?

  • Back and Biceps!

When you do any pulling movements, you are also working out your biceps. (Read about Bicep Myths) You should know that by now. It’s very easy to get a great workout for both back and biceps if you do them on the same day.

(Not Like This!)

cross fit pull ups

  • Chest / Shoulders / Triceps

These are push movements and great muscle groups to workout together.

You should start with shoulder exercises so your triceps don’t burn out, then follow that up with chest exercises. To finish up your workout, you should end it with tricep burn outs. 

(Not Like This!)

bench press fail

Doing that about 3 times a week should get you great results over time, if you are consistent. 

  • Legs And Cardio

If this is a 3 day split you are trying to do, doing cardio and legs on the same day is a good idea. It will also burn a ton of calories.

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“You should always start with light cardio, maybe some sit ups and jogging. You should do cardio first because starting with weights on legs, will tire you out too much. If that happens, you won’t be able to do cardio after your leg session.”

What Is The Best Muscle Group To Workout?

  • Telling you what the best muscle group to workout is simple.

That is legs and abs! Why do I say that? Because your legs are your largest muscle group, and if you want to pick one muscle group, you should pick legs!

(Not Like This!)

squat fail

They will release the most natural testosterone from your body, and also burn the most calories.

What Body Parts To Work On What Days?

The answer to what days to work out what muscles is that it really doesn’t matter. Your body does not know, nor does it care what day of the week it is. 

  • If you really want to get a schedule down, let’s say in a 3 day split workout here it is. You should do legs and cardio on Monday, Pull movements (back and bi’s) on Wednesday, and Push movements on Friday.

That would be shoulders, chest and triceps.

big triceps

That should be pretty easy to follow, and now you know what body parts to work on what days.

What days to workout what muscles does not matter as long as you stay consistent. And staying consistent means years!

No matter what your workout split is, what muscle groups you are working on certain days, the most important part is consistency!

  • There is absolutely nothing with out that. You will not gain mass, or get any results if you do not workout consistently. 

lazy in gym

That is very similar to saving $100 a month. Will you get wealthy, NO!

If you save that much every day, you have a good shot at that. It’s the same thing with working out and building muscle. You have to pay yourself with a workout every day, over time.


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