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This Human Ken Doll Designed His Own Muscle Implants! You Have To See How Messed Up This Guy Is!

muscle implants

How disturbed do you have to be to do what this guy did to this body?

Well folks, Justin Jedlica needs to seek some help, that is a fact…

Let’s look at some idiotic surgeries that men do!

Lengthening your legs

Approximate cost: $85,000

This gruesome procedure has existed for some time now, but the patients were mainly dwarves and children with one leg longer than the other. Now, a lot more guys are shelling out serious dough for this surgery that adds height by lenghtening the patient’s legs.

Dudes who are unhappy with their natural height have doctors break their shin bones in half and insert a telescopic rod between the two halves. The rod slowly pulls the bone apart very slowly, approximately one millimeter a day. The slow lengthening allows the bone, muscle tissue, ligaments, and skin to regenerate around the ever-elongating limbs.

The entire process takes anywhere between three months and two years, and is reportedly excruciatingly painful. Besides, there are measures you can take to at least appear taller without having your legs cracked in half with a bonesaw.

Laser testicle ironing

Approximate cost: $575

Yes, getting your balls “ironed” with lasers is now a thing. About two months ago, we believed George Clooney when he jokingly said that he gives his scro’ royal spa treatment. Turns out he was kidding, but the procedure really does exist and is enjoying an increase in interest.

The treatment employs the latest high-tech tools to “pew pew” lasers at a man’s b-sack to “remove hair, erase wrinkles and correct discoloration on the scrotum.” A celeb beautician who offers this service to A-list celebs, bankers, lawyers, and other guys with no money claims the results last up to four weeks, and she recommends each client receive six sessions of nut-zapping.

Moustache transplants

Approximate cost: $5,000

Let’s face it: not everyone can get their Ron Swanson on when it comes to facial follicles. But a burgeoning sector of plastic surgery (especially in foreign countries with lax laws and regulations) means you can have a veritable forest atop your upper lip for up to five racks. The procedure is typically done by extracting clumps of hair from other parts of your body and implanting them on your face to help out your current sparseness. If you do go through with this, there’s a good chance that “your breath smells like ass” could be taken literally.

Ok, thats enough stupid crap…you get the picture of what idiots are doing out there.


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