Can You Get Muscle Implants? Well This IDIOT DID!

Muscle implants are basically designed for people who don’t want to work out, and want big muscles overnight!

(Muscle Implant Freak Justin Jedlica)

muscle implants

  • If you are also interested in not taking steroids, muscle implants are an option, but of course a stupid option.

You can definitely get muscle implants, as you will see in the video below, but just be prepared for the potential consequences!

Well folks, Justin Jedlica needs to seek some help.

  • He is known as the “Human Ken Doll” and is in the picture above and in this video below.

If you are wondering what the hell is wrong with this guy, you can check out our article on body dysmorphia, which is only the beginning of his problems.

Can You Get Muscle Implants?

Well as you see in the video above, the answer is yes! You can do whatever you want to your muscles and body in general.

  • Just note that getting a muscle implant does not replace the muscle. You can still continue to workout while having the implant!

muscle implant surgery

It is simply a foreign object that will live inside of your body just the same as a breast implant!

Like I mentioned, muscle implants are for people who have small muscles that are underdeveloped.

They can be a persons arms, legs, chest or shoulders.

  • In some cases, people what want to get these muscle implants just simply don’t like the shape of their current muscles and want to change it.

muscle implants

In some cases, it’s an option to put your own fat in the area and muscle you want to enhance.

Autologous tissues (are your own body’s fat and skin) can be used in certain where the person may not require hardness or the muscle to be firm.

  • If your goal is to have a firm muscle, then the only option would be a muscle implant.

What Are Muscle Implants Made Of?

muscle implants

Body implants for men are made from a soft but also solid silicone that feels like any other natural tissue or muscle.

  • There are two types of implants.

One option is the custom made implant and the other is the regular one size fits all off the shelf implant for definition in the chest, ass and calves.

How Much Do Bicep Implants Cost?

If you are looking for the price of a bicep or even tricep implant surgery cost, here are a couple things to consider.

  • The cost of this surgery includes the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee, the operating room fee and implant fees.

calf implants

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons does not track the cost of these procedures.

But I can tell you that the average cost of bicep and tricep implant surgery is between $5,000 and $9,000.

How Do They Put Implants Under The Muscle?

Sub-muscular placement is a technique used in breast implants where the implant is placed partially under the major chest muscle.

The same technique is used for your muscles.

“For the breast implants, the outcome tends to have a more natural look as the implants are covered by both the breast tissue and the chest muscle.”

breast implants

  • The surgery is usually done with the person under general anesthesia.

This strategy of anesthesia is in the best interest of the patient in regards to comfort and the ease with which the surgery is performed.

The implant is placed either under or over the muscle. In chest (for men) implants, it may be better to place the implant at least partially under the muscle.

  • But that is something you will find out once you dig deeper into getting this procedure done!

Should I Get Muscle Implants?

muscle implants

The answer is hell no! There is no reason in hell why you should get this stupid surgery done if you are a man!

  • I don’t care what you look like, you will destroy your body for life!

Look at this idiot in the video above. Do you think he will ever look normal? Of course not. 

The worst thing that will happen to you is that your body will reject these implants, because they are a foreign object.

  • Not everyone’s body adapts to foreign material, and that is when you can encounter some real issues!

You also run the risk of severely stretching your skin out.

  • If you have to remove the implants one day, you can have the lose skin just hanging there looking stupid.

You can look great by being dedicated and working out consistently, you don’t need to risk your life to have a bigger bicep!


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