Does A Muscle Pump Grow Muscle? 

Will a muscle pump grow muscle, is a common question. The answer is yes, and NO! It all depends on how you get the pump.

muscle pump

  • You can feel like your muscles are going to explode out of your shirt and skin, but this does not mean that you will get muscle hypertrophy from it.

You can get the largest muscle pump of our life, if you take a 10 lbs dumbbell and curl it one thousand times.

What will happen to your muscle?

It will look huge in the gym! Once the pump goes down, and you repeat this process, your bicep, or any other muscle that you train this way, will actually get smaller!

muscle pump

Have you ever seen a man with huge calf muscles? Or even a woman?

To the point that it’s not even attractive, you just feel bad for the person?

  • Well there is a way to shrink this muscle. We always think about how to use a muscle pump to grow muscle, but never about how to shrink it. Unless you have this problem.

muscle pump grow muscle

It has been proven, that muscle will shrink if you do very high reps over time and repeat the process frequently.

  • What does this do? It trains your muscle for endurance like a marathon runner. I am talking about 50 reps or so per set, but also, 20 is considered high.

Once again, the ideal way to grow muscle, is that 12-15 rep range. It has been proven. Obama knows!

muscle pump

Keep in mind that a muscle pump, is nothing but blood in your muscle.

The more water and carbs you have in your system, the bigger pump you will get.

This is because carbohydrates carry water, which is exactly the reason you won’t get a good pump if you are on a low carb or no carb diet! So if you want a pump, eat some carbs before you work out!

muscle pump grow muscle

A muscle pump will build you muscle if you obtain the pump with the correct amount of reps, and the correct contraction.

NOT CORRECT FORM! “Form” means absolutely nothing.

  • The only correct form is a motion that allows you to contract the muscle. Someone’s correct form might not be your correct form.

If you feel a great contraction bench pressing with wide grip, someone might not feel anything but their elbows and shoulders.

  • You need to adjust the way you perform a movement, and make sure it contracts the muscle with the proper amount of reps.

muscle pump

If you get a girl to be with you because of money, you will still have a girl right?

Another guy will get a girl because of his sense of humor. And the other guy because of many different reasons that are not superficial. So who will have a better quality relationship?

We know the answer to that. It’s the same thing with your muscle pump!

At the end of the day, consistency is key with building muscle. There is no way around that unless you are on steroids. Getting a pump will come naturally to you in the gym if you are working hard.

funny gym meme

  • Just because you don’t get a pump, does not mean you are not working and tearing the muscle.

I pump is simply nothing but blood flow into your muscles by carbohydrates, water and oxygen. If you are on a low carb diet, you will get a much smaller pump, if any, because of the lack of carbs.


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