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Dad Bod VS. The HULK! Listen to what these girls say!

muscle matters

Do you ever wonder if girls like muscles? Do you ever wonder what is the exact amount girls like? Every guy has thought about these things at one point or another. The best way to find out is to ask the girls right?!

Here we go…

One thing you should definitely also take into consideration is the following.

“A new survey says that 75% of women prefer guys with big fat bellies over men with six packs.”

Why would women say this? This isn’t exactly the most scientific of studies, it’s actually a big joke of a survey that was carried out as part of the DVD launch of the movie Bad Neighbors, which features a big-bellied Seth Rogan squaring off against a ripped Zac Efron.


Nearly 100% of women who were surveyed also said that men with big bellies almost universally have better personalities than guys with six packs. The perception is that a guy who’s always at the gym working on improving himself won’t have time for her, or will take himself too seriously, or will have too cocky of an attitude. Who agrees with this? Anyone?

These surprising survey results also likely have a lot to do with the women that were surveyed. Maybe they’re not in the best shape themselves? Maybe they’re a little jelly, in more ways than one?

We here at definitely feel that you should be as jacked as possible to pick up chicks!