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Natty Or Juice? Surprising BENEFITS OF STEROIDS, Must See!

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Natty Or Juice, Steroid Benefits That Nobody Knows About?

Natty or Juice, in case you don’t know, is a decision many people are looking to make when they are first starting to work out, but also in all different times of their lives.

natty or juice

  • The question of natty or juice, is the question of whether to be a natural lifter or use steroids. This is an easy decision for a lot of people, but not for all.

Let’s quickly discuss why both can be a pain in the ass, and then discuss the never before seen benefits of using steroids, that being a natty just  does not have.

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Natty Or Juice? Being A Natty Is Hard…

Let’s be honest, being a natural bodybuilder, weightlifter, or just a person that works out without steroids, is really tough. Why?

“Because results come about 1,000,000 times slower than they do when you are taking steroids. So when you are thinking about natty or juice, be prepared for the following facts.”

natty or juice

  • Depending on your genetics, it may take you 10-15 years of working out to see any significant results.
  • Dieting will most likely be your downfall, because being a natty means you have no steroids in your body, and that means you don’t have help with metabolism.
  • Taking steroids is basically taking an anti aging drug, being a natty will kick your ass once you start getting older no matter how much you work out.

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Amazing Benefits Of Steroids

Picking between natty or juice, can be a simple choice for someone who wants to benefit from the never before released benefits of taking steroids, and here they are.

    • You will bang like a champion
    • The girls that didn’t want you before, will probably want you now that you have muscles
    • You will be able to beat up almost anyone on earth
    • You will be strong like a bull, looking for anyone to look at you the wrong way
    • You will have amazing energy and confidence
    • You will walk around like you own the place, and you will own the place

Those are some pretty good benefits wouldn’t you say? But all pleasure has a price, and steroids have a steep one, everyone knows that by now.

steroid side effects

Here is an example of how things could go as well! This is just of many examples of when things go bad when choosing natty or juice, and going with the juice.


This is just advice, do whatever the hell you want!

You will never ever be bigger than the guy on steroids, but you can in fact look better than them.

Very rarely, do we see people that are on performance enhancing drugs, actually look good. Why? Because they are typically people at your local gym that are just trying to get huge. 

  • They are not taking steroids to run faster, or jump higher. They are only taking them to look better on the beach and in selfies. And that is exactly where things go wrong, and side effects kick in.

steroid side effects



  • Most of those people in the gym look blurry, and also have acne. If not, they look very puffy and watery, which does not look good. So you are better off being natural in the long run, for sure!

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