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Natural Bodybuilding Tips By Donald Trump, The Untold Secrets To His Physique!

natural bodybuilding tips

Natural Bodybuilding Tips From An Orange Pussy Grabber Are Finally Revealed!

Natural bodybuilding tips are all over the internet. They are all very similar, I am sure you agree. They tell you to do a certain workout, and not to eat pizza and snickers bars. How unique is that right? What the whole world has always wanted to know, is how Donald Trump ever managed to maintain such an amazing body. Donald Trump finally reveals his natural bodybuilding tips to the world. Trump stated “if I gave everyone the secret to this amazing physique I have, people would look better than me…and we can’t have that!” You have to admit, he is totally qualified to give us some natural bodybuilding tips, I mean, look at his physique…

natural bodybuilding tips

Natural Bodybuilding Tips from Trump inspired by others…

Donald Trump doesn’t want to take all the credit for the bodybuilding tips he is about to reveal. He owes all of his knowledge to many other people in his life, that are responsible for that sexy rock hard orange body. You have to give it to him, many women over the years have allowed him to grab them by the pussy, and it’s obviously because he’s smoking hot, otherwise it would just be rape right? And we all know that he is not a rapist!

So who inspired Trump to be suck a fit person, and such a health nut? Well…here are a few to thank!

natural bodybuilding tips

If you don’t know who these people are, you live under a rock (or under a bench press like me). That said, Trumps main influence from all of these people is definitely Vladamir Putin. The guy is a workout maniac, that doesn’t fuck around when it comes to hitting the gym. Vladamir said himself “I love getting jacked and tanned. I’m crazy as fuck as is, so why not get strong as shit in case I have to lay a motherfucker out!” Now that is some good motivation for anyone to stay fit, don’t you think?

natural bodybuilding tips

So what are the natural bodybuilding tips?

Well Donald says, there are a couple things you have to do in order to get in great shape. Here they are in order.

  1. You wife must never have sex with you (no problem there for him). This will keep your testosterone high and ready for the gym at all times.
  2. Get your protein directly from the source, no processed meats. He does so by ordering beef and broccoli on the daily basis directly from Kim Jong Un.
  3. You MUST jerk off to Vladamir Putin workout videos once a week. This will get your heart rate going very quickly, and you will burn a solid amount of calories.

Happy working out from Donald Trump, I hope you enjoyed his natural bodybuilding tips!



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