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New Army Physical Fitness Test, Piece Of Cake!

Army Physical Fitness Test

New Army Physical Fitness Test Proves To Be Super Easy!

New Army Physical Fitness Test consists of a variation of different tests, that anyone who actually lifts, should be able to perform pretty easily. Especially the most fit soldier in the wold, Diamond Ott!

Army Physical Fitness Test

The current and new six-event assessment is designed to reduce injuries and and obviously replace the test that is in place today. People that have recently tired it, were absolutely physically drained!

The new physical fitness test currently has five components of physical fitness — muscular and aerobic endurance, muscular strength, speed/agility and explosive power. The original physical fitness assessment that has been in place for about 40 years, only has 2 of the components above. Which obviously makes this one much harder.

The Army Center for Initial Military Training, states that this test is strictly designed to better prepare soldiers for tougher battle tasks, increase endurance, and enhance overall performance. In combat, you are carrying gear, and performing tasks that are currently not covered in todays test.

Army Combat Readiness Test 6 Events

The ACRT definitely still keeps the 2 mile run as the final event that has to be preformed, so the other 5 were added to further test the soldiers physical fitness.


With a weight range of 120 to 420 pounds, this deadlift event is very similar to the one in the Occupational Physical Assessment Test, or OPAT, which is really designed to test the soldiers lower body strength. The ACRT will require Soldiers to perform three deadlifts (only one in OPAT) and the weights will be increased. This event will have the soldiers picking up anything from ammunition boxes to a wounded battle buddy.

Army Physical Fitness Test

Standing Power Throw

Soldiers toss a 10-pound ball backward as far as they could, to test them being able to lift themselves explosively or a fellow soldier.

T Pushup

This event starts with a traditional pushup, but when at the down position you would have to move your arms outward and then back in to do another pushup. This allows different muscle stimulation in the chest and tricep area, and shoulders as well.

Army Physical Fitness Test

Sprint / Drag / Carry

You would have to dash 25 meters five times down a lane, perform sprints, drag a sled weighing 90 pounds, and then hand-carry two 40-pound kettlebell weights. This is for the purpose of saving a solder, or even dragging a battle buddy as practice.

Leg Tuck

Similar to a pullup, Soldiers lift their legs up and down to touch their knees/thighs to their elbows as many times as they can. This tests core strength which is very important for a soldier.


2 Mile Run

This is the same as the previous ACRT test, but the time expected from soldiers to meet is not as fast as the previous test. Due to the new events and test, soldiers are expected to be much more tired, therefore taking a longer time on the 2 mile run.


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