Army Physical Fitness Test Proves To Be Super Easy!

New Army Physical Fitness Test consists of a variation of different tests, that anyone who actually lifts, should be able to perform pretty easily!

I am going to tell you how anyone can do it. As long as you are not on you Military Diet!

  • You don’t have to be the most fit soldier in the wold like Diamond Ott!

diamond ott workout program

There is a new Army Fitness Test in place that is supposed to make everyone’s life tougher, but its actually super easy!

There will be 2 lifts and only one supplement to take, and you will pass no matter your genetics!

Some people that heard about it or even did it, said that it’s easy for people who actually work out!

  • Most people that go out for the Army Physical Fitness Test, don’t even work out!

The new test is supper easy, and it consists of 5 different components:

  • Explosive Power
  • Speed and Agility
  • Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Aerobic Endurance

The previous test that has been around for half a century, only had 20% of thing things tested today.

army workout

(Don’t worry you will not have to do that!)

Don’t worry, I am stilling going to tell you why this test is super easy!

  • The whole point of adding new things to this test, is to make it more diverse and “real life like” for the people taking it.

Here are the reasons the Army Fitness Test is super easy!

The ACRT definitely still keeps the 2 mile run as the final event that has to be preformed, so the other 5 were added to further test the soldiers physical fitness.

Mandatory Things To Do To Pass New Army Physical Fitness Exam!

There are a couple things that you MUST DO if you want to pass this test!

passing army test

  • You have to practice 5 days a week
  • You have to eat a high calorie diet! Do not try to burn fat and get lean!
  • Only try to lose weight if you are over weight

The first and the last points are the most important! Practicing the movements you will be tested on is important, and also easy!

The second part is taking creatine. Taking creatine will make you about 30% stronger and it’s a natural supplement that you can get at your local supplement store!

taking creatine meme

I STRONGLY SUGGEST you take creatine to past the physical fitness test, it will make your life A LOT easier.

It will also increase the chances of you passing this test by a GREAT AMOUNT!

Here are the components of the Army Physical Test and how to pass it!

1. Army Physical Fitness Test – Deadlift (SUPER EASY)

The weight range will be between 120 to 420 pounds, depending on your current weight.

Trust me, women can pass this easily as well.

army test deadlift

In order to pass the deadlift test, you should practice it at the gym about 4 times a week while taking creatine!

  • Definitely shoot for about 8 reps per set, to ensure you get stronger. Do about 6 sets of deadlifts 4 times a week at the gym.

This is similar how powerlifters train.

“You want to go heavy, and then leave your muscles alone so they can recover and get stronger.”

IMPORTANT FACT: Do not exceed 6 heavy sets per day, it will not make you stronger if you do that. You will get weaker!

It is not a good idea to do more than 6 sets if you are going to practice this movement 4 times a week!

army test deadlift

  • Your body will not recover, and anything else that you do will just be a waste of time, and also make you weaker.

That is not something you want when trying to pass the army physical fitness test.

2. Passing The Standing Power Throw!

Soldiers toss a 10-pound ball backward as far as they could, to test them being able to lift themselves explosively or a fellow soldier.

You can pass this pretty EASILY!

The same goes with every component of this army physical fitness test. You should be on creatine to start!

  • Second, you can practice this movement, but you really don’t have to! Unless you have a huge rock somewhere that you can throw.

Look at it like this. The movement of throwing something “a standing power throw” is the exact same movement as the bench press.

army bench press

(Do not do it like that obviously and please use some weights)

If you practice the bench press (while on creatine), you will get a lot stronger and really good at the power throw.

“Throwing the medicine ball around will not get you even close to the results heavy bench press will.”

  • When I say heavy, I really mean anything you can do for 8 reps. Do 6-8 sets of the heavy bench 4 times a week, and this this is a piece of cake!

3. Army Physical Fitness Test – T-Push UP

This event starts with a traditional pushup.

  • But when at the down position you would have to move your arms outward and then back in to do another pushup.

army t pushup

(No, you won’t have to do that)

I think this is a very stupid test, and don’t think you need to practice this one!

I think everything you need up to this point will allow you to pass the T-Push up test. The bench press should definitely do the trick here.

  • You can try to practice if you want, just be careful you are not doing this stupid push up then going to train after on the bench press.

Army T Pushup

4. Army Physical Fitness Test – Sprint / Drag / Carry

This component of the fitness test revolves around the following:

  • You have to sprint 25 meters five times down a lane

Drag a sled weighing 90 pounds

Hand-Carry Two 40-pound Kettlebell Weights.

The point of this exercises is to see if you would be able to carry a wounded soldier if it ever occurs.

army kettlebell

  • I don’t know which soldier would weigh 90 pounds, but ok.

“The best part about this part of the army physical fitness test, is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING to pass it!”

Listen to me, this sounds crazy right? It’s not!

You are getting a ton of strength from the bench press and deadlift, that is all you have to do to pass this test.

  • If you are lean already, you should have no issue running. If you need to bump up your cardio, than you can do that no problem.

The point is, for these specific exercises in the test, you will have it covered no problem with just practicing deadlifts and bench press.

5. Army Physical Fitness Test – Leg Tuck

Similar to a pull up, soldiers lift their legs up and down to touch their knees/thighs to their elbows.

  • They do this as many times as they can. You can practice this no problem, but it won’t do you too much good.

Army Leg Tuck

When your are doing deadlifts, you are working your entire body! That is what will allow you to do these leg tucks!

Do I think doing sit ups will help you with this test? Yes I do. 

Ideally, you should start every training session with about 10 sets of sit ups.

  • This is no matter if you are training for the army fitness exam, or just working out in general. It makes a huge difference in your core strength!

6. Army Physical Fitness Test – 2 Mile Run

Due to the new events and test, soldiers are expected to be more tired, and take a longer time on the 2 mile run.

  • I would not slack on this because of that! It’s definitely a good thing, but still practice!

This is very tricky.

Army Mile Run

Since you will be running 2 miles after all of the other tests, you will be super tired. Because of that, it makes sense to run after your workouts when you are preparing correct?

I would say so. I really don’t want to say yes to that but I have to.

  • This is because I am not a fan of your body being in a catabolic state after your workout.

You have just finished your bench press, and now you are going to run.

This is the danger zone of you losing all of your strength gains.

7. Stuff Your Face With Food!


eating a lot gif

You must be in a caloric surplus during this run after your workout, or you can kiss your strength gains good bye.

  • How should you do that? Eat a really big meal an hour before you train!

Passing The Army Physical Fitness Exam CONCLUSION

What I tried to explain to you in this article, is that you just need to get stronger, and that you need to take creatine.

  • Creatine is not a steroids, but it gets you MUCH stronger VERY quickly!

Just by taking it, you will be 30% stronger, which would regularly take you months to accomplish!

The second thing is, you need to practice compound movements like the deadlift and the bench press.

Honestly, the deadlift will enable to pass 90% of your physical fitness test. It works almost every single muscle in your body that you need for these exercises.

Once again, the three crucial things for you to do to pass this test:

  • Be on a good high calorie diet – if you are not you will not have strength!
  • Take creatine!
  • Run, do sit ups, and focus on deadlifts and bench press

There is nothing else you need to do to pass this test!

Things in life are very simple. There is no fancy exercising, there is no magic pill. 

  • I would also suggest taking a pre-workout drink prior to this test, or a lot of caffeine.

Just by doing that you will exceed your results by at least another 20%!


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