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Here Are 10 Weird People Who Are Obsessed With A Perfect Body! This Is Crazy…

Obsessed With A Perfect Body

You can want to look good, but this is a totally different level!

These people need to get some serious therapy…

What is Bigorexia?

Bigorexia is a new type of dysmorphia, the distorted image of our own body that causes obsession and rejection. This disease is as delicate as anorexia or bulimia, and also related to orthorexia.

This new evil attacks mostly young men and was first described by Dr. Harrison Pope, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, who defined it as “a disorder related to the perception of physical appearance, characterized by a growing obsession to increase muscular volume”.

Dr. Pope argues that the psychological profile of the bigorexic is an insecure and introverted person with problems with integration, someone who rejects his or her body and has low self-esteem. “An individual who can spend nearly a whole day at the gym, abandoning his social and work-related activities, plunging into an environment they consider more favorable”, explains the renowned physician.


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