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How Much Does It Cost To Join Oxygen Gym In Kuwait?

The monthly fee for this gym is about  $160.

oxygen gym kuwait

Compared to Gold’s gym in Venice Beach, it’s not that much.

  • But for an average person, it most certainly is.

Although, if you take a look at it you will get with the Oxygen Gym membership price, it would be money well invested.

Oxygen Gym is not that expensive because of it’s name and reputation, it is actually one of the most well equipped gyms in whole world.

In the opinion of many professional bodybuilders, and important people in fitness industry, it’s the best gym in the world!

  • It has couple of floors and couple of levels in the basement as well.

oxygen gym kuwait

There is a huge variety of machines, and sometimes you will have to go to another floor in order to use certain equipment.

“The gym has saunas, massage rooms, and there are separate areas for children as well.”

You can definitely say that this looks like a gym of the future!

If you happen to visit Kuwait and you are fitness enthusiast, and can afford to spend a few dollars, make sure to check out Oxygen Gym!

Jay Cutler said that it is the best gym that he has ever walked into!

  • And you know Jay, he has seen a ton of gyms all around the world!

Who Trains At Oxygen Gym In Kuwait?

oxygen gym kuwait

Oxygen gym has a wide variety of people that train there, from all walks of life!

Everyone from people that just like to work out, to business professionals, to professional bodybuilders. 

The most famous fitness Instagram models, to your regular college student, all work out there!

  • There is a huge variety of people and everybody is welcome.

BUT! The thing that made this gym so famous, besides it’s insanely large space, is the number of top professional bodybuilders that train there.

Some of them have been training at Oxygen Gym for years.

oxygen gym kuwait

There is one thing they all have in common. All of them have left that gym looking much better than they did when they walked in!

  • All these bodybuilders have made tremendous progress very quickly working out at Oxygen Gym!

It’s the home of some of the best bodybuilders in the world!

For example, 2019 Arnold Classic champion Brandon Curry has been living in Kuwait and training there for months at a time.

oxygen gym kuwait

Before deciding to work out at Oxygen Gym, and use their trainers, Brandon Curry was just a regular bodybuilder.

A bodybuilder with great genetics, that everyone always said never reached his full potential.

Nobody ever expected him to win the Arnold Classic by beating William Bonac.

Nobody thought he would place 5th at Mr. Olympia in 2018, but he did all thanks to Oxygen Gym!

  • Big Ramy placed 2nd at the 2017 Mr. Olympia, which was a huge achievement, but obviously a disappointment for the Oxygen Gym crew.

big ramy oxygen gym

They expect to win!

Big Ramy was huge even far before he went to Kuwait, but the muscle quality he has today is something he worked for and earned in the tranches of Oxygen Gym.

We also had in interesting case of Regan Grimes, who went there for a short time.

It is said that he only trained there for a few months, and gained about 50 lbs of sheer muscle!

“This also impressed even his biggest hater, Bostin Loyd. Regan left Kuwait after a short amount of time for health reasons.”

The amount of muscle that he was able to put on, was definitely something nobody has seen before.

Let’s not forget to mention the reigning Classic Physique Mr. Olympia Champion Breon Ansley.

breon ansley oxygen gym


Breon went to Oxygen Gym only for the last month of his 2018 Mr. Olympia prep, resulting in a win over Chris Bumstead by only one point!

  • Would he be able to do that if he didn’t go there? Probably not.

Roelly Winklaar, 3rd place finisher at last years 2018 Mr. Olympia was a regular at Oxygen Gym as well.

The bottom line is, that any competitive bodybuilder that goes to this gym, comes out better than ever, and places higher than they ever did before in competition.

Who Are The Trainers At Oxygen Gym?

There are many trainers in this gym. One of the most popular ones is the trainer of Brandon Curry.

His name is Abdullah Al Otaibi. He has trained many other top pros, and helped many amateurs turn pro.

That is why his nick name is “Pro-Maker.”

oxygen gym trainers

  • The thing about Abdullah is that he is extremely devoted to his job, or should I say his passion?

He literally follows his clients like Brandon Curry, or who ever is his top client at the time, where ever they go.

This is mostly for diet purposes of course. It’s easy to cheat when nobody is watching you!

Abdullah pushes them hard in the gym, enforces frequent posing, and does whatever it takes to make his clients reach their full potential.

  • Being very knowledgable does not make you a great coach. Being devoted and determined to help your clients succeed is what makes you great.

Abdullah has proven that he is one of the best, year after year with some of the worlds top pros.

Is There An OxyGen Gym In India?

As the matter of fact, there are 5 Oxygen Gyms in India.

Here are the addresses and contact info.

Who Is The Owner Of Oxygen Gym?

The owner of this gym is the guy by the name of Bader Boodai.

Bader Boodai is not only a gym owner, but also a successful businessman.

Bader Boodai Oxygen Gym

The family is old money and they are involved in many different businesses, such as construction, oil, and real estate.

  • Bader Boodai is also known by the nickname ” The New Joe Weider of the Middle East.”

His contribution to the bodybuilding industry in Kuwait is off the charts.

He is the one of the main reasons bodybuilders like Big Ramy are so successful. 

  • Bader decided to do this, and start Oxygen Gym for several reasons.

He has the money, and he also thinks they can compete and win with the pros form the west.

Bader Boodai Oxygen Gym

Why Is Oxygen Gym In Kuwait So Great?

Oxygen Gym in Kuwait is great simply because of the variety and the quality of the equipment and the trainers that are available.

When you walk in to a regular gym, you usually see a few people curling, squatting, and a weird looking guy at the reception.

But when you walk into the Oxygen gym you don’t see anything like that.

  • Oxygen Gym has more of a Las Vegas feel, and an atmosphere like no other gym in the world.

oxygen gym kuwait

Just be looking at it from the outside you will be impressed, and even more once you get inside!

There is a cool restaurant with all types of foods that are designed to be healthy meals.

Oxygen Gym Conclusion

The main takeaway here is that this gym is perfect for anyone that wants to focus on bodybuilding and nothing else.

The people in the country of Kuwait, do not drink. They do not go out to pop bottles at the club. 

It’s a very strict culture, which is actually perfect for any bodybuilder that wants to stay away from distractions.

  • When you are surrounded with people who have the same goal as you, it’s much easier to stay motivated.

Being around the same energy is very helpful, because we all know, the bodybuilding lifestyle is extremely tough.


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