If You Are Wondering If Paige Hathaway Is On Steroids, The Answer Is Yes!

Paige’s age and Instagram pictures hide it well.

  • Paige Hathaway is on steroids, and that is a fact, and her Instagram proves it.

The reason I say Paige Hathaway is on steroids, is because any person that makes money in todays world based on their physical appearance, is on steroids.

  • Paige’s age and Instagram pictures prove the same. 

“The competition is simply too high on Instagram, for anyone to compete with other athletes on steroids. Many fitness personalities her age on Instagram are using steroids. On top of that, Paige Hathaway’s workout program alone will not get you the results she got.  It will get you anywhere close to her physique, especially if you are a woman.”

  • The muscle mass she has today, and even had a few years back, simply doesn’t make sense.

That type of muscle mass could not be acquired with only several years of working out. That is a fact.

paige hathaway steroids

Paige Hathaway Age

Paige is 30 years old. She was born July 31st, 1987.

  • Besides her looking great, I also think her age represents her well. I do not think she looks a day older or a day younger than 30.

I think this will change a lot, when she gets older and in her late 30’s. I think she will still look the same as today. Her age will not catch up to her for a long time!

Why Do I Think Paige Hathaway Is On Steroids?

Besides what I mentioned in the paragraph above, I also see some physical characteristics on Instagram that further make me think she is on steroids.

  • If you take a look at the picture below form Instagram, you will see some major muscle mass going on, on a woman (Paige), compared to a man.

At such a low body fat percentage, on an average female body, it’s safe to say that it is impossible to maintain that mass without PED’s.

paige hathaway steroids

Some on Instagram can say that Paige is not on steroids because she is not massive, and does not sound like man.

What a lot of people don’t know, is that there are A TON of different types of steroids.

  • There are steroids that do not make you huge, but rather lean you out and maintain your muscle mass. That said, Paige could definitely be on steroids and not look like a massive bodybuilder.

On top of photoshop used in every picture, there is also a great chance she has a fake ass. Take a look at the picture below.

paige hathaway ass

That looks nice and natural right? Right… Check out this Instagram post and comment where it seems that I am not the only one that think this chick is a fraud.

Followed by one of thousands of comments online that address the current state of the fitness industry.

“99% of the people with incredible physiques you see on Instagram or youtube are not natural. Once you look at them enough it’s easy to tell who’s natty and who’s not. Everyone of the people you see promoting Shredz or EHP labs are on juice, even the ladies. This is why the fitness industry is becoming all lies and bullshit.”

What you see in the picture below is what she used to look like, prior to her steroid usage and fake butt implants.

Please know, there is no workout that will get you looking like this, especially Page Hathaway’s workout program.

paige hathaway fake ass

Paige Hathaway Steroid Use Is Sending The Wrong Message

Millions of people follow Paige on Instagram for one of two reasons.

  • Her followers are either guys who think she is hot, or girls who think she looks great and are inspired to look like her.

We have to agree that Paige is just another Instagram chick who shows her ass for money.

She uses photoshop, steroids, and fake butt implants to get her following.

  • I guess a girl has to do what she has to do, but she’s definitely giving people false hope about what they can look like, and on top of that, she is selling a magic workout that is no different than any other workout program online.

(You will not look like this without stuffing your ass with some sort of ass stuffer)

paige hathaway fake ass

The Amazing Paid Workout Program That Will Get You Nowhere

Paige offers a paid subscription for something anyone on earth can find for free online.

  • Anyone who pays for a workout program, thinking they are going to look like Paige, they are just dumb.

Below is an example of her workout program, where she seemed to leave out genetics, a fake ass, and steroids.

Instead, she is suckering people all over the planet to give her a few dollars, which adds up to tons of money once you consider her millions of Instagram followers.

paige hathaway workout program

Check Out How Adobe Made Paige Hathaway Rich…

If you don’t know what Adobe is, it’s a software company that has a product called Adobe Photoshop.

This program is used to further deceive people by photoshopping pictures so you look way better than you actually do, which leads to scamming people to buy your products.

You can make your own decisions and have your own opinion. As fare as I am concerned, this chick is no different than anyone else online who has the money for photoshop and some surgery.


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