Why Do People Like Working Out?

Why do people like working out and why should you work out? Maybe just to get bigger biceps? Different people have different reasons!

Why should I workout

Well to tell you the truth, I believe nobody likes working out when they first start out. Yes, especially the skinny ectomorphs! ­čÖé

  • If you remember the days you started working out, you would count the days each week, of how many times you went to the gym.

If it was 4-5 days per week, it was an amazing accomplishment.

steph curry workout

This is because you didn’t really enjoy it, and you didn’t know what the hell you were doing.

You would also go up to the guy in the gym that is huge, and twice your age, and ask him what his workout is.

like working out

So now you come to to find out why people like working out right?

Well take into consideration why people start working out.

Here are a few reasons. I am also only talking about going to the gym and lifting weights.

  • I am not talking about you going to Starbucks and going for a walk in the park with a friend.

crossfit meme

  • That is not a damn work out. Here are some┬áreasons people start working and never look back.

#1 You Want To Get Stronger Because You Were Bullied As A Kid!

Yes, that is a fact! If you watch a Netflix documentary “The Perfect Physique,” you will hear the stories of these guys, and quickly learn they all got their ass beat as kids!

You could even take a look at Mike Tyson. That guy used to get beat up like crazy when he was younger.

funny gym meme

What happened to him? He wanted to kill the world, and became a human lethal weapon.

Not to mention his dad was not around and his mom was a drug dealer / prostitute.

like working out

There is nothing wrong with this by the way. Everyone does everything for a reason.

You were really broke as a kid, you become wealthy, or maybe cheap later in life.

  • You had really fat parents, so you become obese. Your dad played basketball in the NBA, here you are playing basketball.

“There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just one of the reasons people get into working out, and then start to like working out as time passes.”

You also never want to get bullied again!

like working out

# 2 You Have Daddy Issues And Want to Get Bigger Muscles!

Yes, not only strippers have daddy issues.

It could be your mom, your dad, or both parents making you feel like you are not good enough your whole life.

  • That insecurity, will land someone at the gym under a 400 lbs bench press! If your parents used to beat you, that might trigger you as well.

You never want to be beat up again, so you hit the gym. Daddy issues are not only why strippers are messed up.

like working out

#3 You Were An Athlete In Your Early Days!

If you used to play a sport, or do anything athletic on a daily basis, as you grow out of that, don’t make it to the pro’s or college, you still have a need to let out that energy.

Usually ex-athlete’s continue working out throughout their lifetime.

workout motivation

  • This is not always the case, but it is in most cases.

It’s the competitive spirit of an athlete that drives them to want to win the game in their sport.

That same competitive spirit transfers to the gym.

You want to look good and stay strong, and will always look at yourself as an athlete.

big muscles funny

The bottom line is, people grow to like working out, and even to love working out.

  • It becomes habit, and we are creatures of habit. It just becomes a part of your life.

When you stop playing a sport, the routine of physical activity is still programmed inside of you, and you need that release.

There is always something behind human behavior, there is a reason for everything.


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