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Phil Heath Wins First Place In Masterbation Marathon at Arnold Classic 2018!

Yes it’s true folks! Phil Heath won the masterbation competition at the Arnold Classic 2018!

Phil Heath came to the Arnold Classic hoping to win the bodybuilding contest, but got distracted immediately when he found out that there was a masterbation competition going on as well. Knowing that he is an absolute pro, Phil Heath grabbed his magnifying glass and tweezers, and headed over to the Arnold Classic 2018 jerk off section.

phil heath arnold classic

Do to the fact that he is on major steroids, he knew it would be a problem for him to get hard. All of the testosterone has been sucked out of his balls by the steroids, so the first challenge for him would be to get a boner. He knew that he could count on one thing, a picture of Kai Greene. Without fail, he always got a boner when looking at any picture of Kai Greene. He digs deep into his ass crack, and digs up a picture of Kai. As he begins to open it up, he slowly feels his 3 inch cock getting harder and harder. He knew this would work, and he was right! He was caught many times getting excited looking at Kai’s balls, as seen in the picture below…

We all know that Kai Greene is gay, that is not news. But the fact that Phil Heath gets uncontrollable boners every time he looks at Kai or a picture of Kai, is news to the fitness industry. In crunch time, and in need of a boner, Phil Heath can just thank the lord that he had a picture of Kai that would get him hard, prior to the intense jerk off competition he was entering.

Phil Heath Won By A Mile!

As soon as Phil Heath got his boner, he jumped to the stage in front of thousands of fans, and started his jerk off routine. His abnormally small penis was not what attracted the crowd and make him stand out, it was the fact that he was drooling looking at Kai Greene’s picture, that really made the crowd go wild. Beating off to his top competitor, made the performance that much more intense, and memorable.

Phil Heath ended up missing the 2018 Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition, but he sure did knock the masterbation competition out of the park. With a world record ejaculation time of 14 seconds, Phil Heath will go down in history and the greatest masterbater the world has ever seen!


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