Phil Heath Net Worth And BAD HABIT! 

Phil Heath Net Worth has sky rocketed in the last few years.

  • As you know he is the current Mr. Olympia, so his pockets and net worth were not hurting, until NOW!

Phil Heath net worth was known to be around $5M the last time we checked.

phil heath wife


  • We do feel that was the right number for his net worth.

It’s very hard to tell Phil Heath’s net worth, because these bodybuilders have so many different sponsorship.

Also, a lot of these guys who compete, make most of their money on social media promoting products.

  • This makes it very hard to figure out their true net worth!

Phil Heaths Net Worth Plunges Because Of Addiction

  • Some can say that he was living a very good life.

phil heath chest

Until his crazy sex addiction kicked in! And Net Worth was destroyed!

Phil Heath’s net worth went down the tubes.

  • I bet you are wondering how somebody can spend all of their money on naughty websites right?

Well it’s pretty easy. We will tell you exactly how Phil Heath blew all of his money on starring at naked asses on the internet.

phil heath 2018 olympia

Phil Heath Net Worth Destruction

It all started when Phil Heath started dating old white women, and then married one.

  • Once he got a divorce from his pretty ugly wife, he developed a nasty urge to watch porn.

Their divorce occurred because Phil couldn’t get his pecker hard, and therefore, could not bang his wife.

phil heath 2018 olympia

Phil Heath Wife Says Steroids Affected Romance!

“I was so tired of using my old 6 inch plastic banana (monster compared to Phil Heaths) and I just had enough. This is the point where Phil heath turned to naught websites, and totally destroyed his net worth.”

That said, Phil Heath’s wife was also probably with him for the money.

She knew, or took a chance with him becoming famous.

  • It actually happened. But like most celebrities, they are quick to move on to a different woman once the money and fame come!

phil heath net worth

That is Phil’s old wife, that was traded in for a new and better chick, but that is not the point.

Phil Heath Wife Gets Dumped For Virtual Girlfrends

The point is, that Phil Heath destroyed his net worth, by reportedly creating more than 275 accounts on naughty websites.

  • In total, Phil Heath was spending around $50,000 a month on pure porn. Here are just some accounts he had…we left hundreds out, because the list would just be too long.

phil heath net worth

  • Today, Phil Heath is known to have a net worth of zero dollars, and is currently just absorbing debt on his credit cards to maintain his nasty, aggressive, insane sexy time addiction.

We really don’t get why he is all into it, since his new wife is not that bad.

The only reason I think he would be into this stuff, is because his pecker doesn’t work anymore, because of the steroids.

Kidding Aside, What Is Phil’s True Net Worth?

Now that I’m done screwing around, Phil Heaths current net worth is known to be about $8M.

phil heath car

Not bad for a kid that started his athletic career by playing basketball, and never making it to the NBA.

Phil received a full basketball scholarship to the University of Denver.

  • He double majored in Internet Technology, and Business Administration.

Phil Heath started competing in 2002, and just three years later, he got his pro card!

“That allowed him to compete in the IFBB Pro Circuit, but only after winning the NPC Championships.”

If you know Phil Heath, I don’t need to mention how many contests he has won. There is too many to count!

Phil Heath’s Early Life

Phil Heath born as Phillip “Phil” Heath on December 19, 1981, in Seattle, Washington.

The funny thing is, nobody knows his true nationality, other than him being African American.

  • These are his parents, so you can decide what you think he is.

Phil Heath Parents

He went to Rainer Beach High School, where he played as a shooting guard for his school team.

  • As I mentioned, following high school, he went to play shooting guard at Denver University.

Phil Heath’s Career As A Bodybuilder

Phil Heath had his Mr. Olympia debut in 2008.

He was fortunate enough to win 3rd place in 2008, but then moved down to fifth place in 2009.

Couple years later, he improved and placed was placed 2nd in 2010.

  • Finally, in 2011 he won the Mr. Olympia title.

As we all know, he won every single year after that until he was defeated by Shawn Rhoden.

shawn rhoden biceps

Phil Heath The Business Man

This mass monster is the owner of Gifted Athletics, which is an apparel company.

  • Obviously this company sells clothing to other meatheads in the world.

In July 2014, he partnered with Joey Firestone and founded Gifted Nutrition.

And this is obviously a company that makes supplements for other meatheads in the world that pump weights.

Phil Heath Girlfriend History

Phil got married in 2007 to Jennie Laxson.

As I mentioned, he dumped her in 2015. Hey there were no children and he got tired of sleeping with her.

  • What else is there to talk about?

Currently, he is dating some chick called Shurie.

This girl is a model, but honestly nothing special if you ask me. And once again, Phil is going to tie the knot.

Height Weight And Facts of Phil Heath 

Phil is 5ft 9 inches tall, and weights about 550 lbs. Yes, you read that correctly.

  • He is a big balloon of water walking around eating 30 steaks a day.

Phil Heath is reported to be making about $500K per for a few years now.

That does not count any of his sponsorships. It also does not count his multiple business earnings or social media revenue.

Phil has many different streams of income currently, the only thing he probably cares about, is becoming the top dog again.

  • It is very hard to make money as a professional bodybuilder, since only the top few make money to even survive.

That is one of the reasons it’s said that bodybuilding is the hardest sport in the world. 




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