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Phil Heath Net Worth And NASTY SECRETS!

phil heath net worth

Phil Heath Net Worth Has Been SUCKED UP BY A Nasty Bad Habit…

Phil Heath Net Worth has sky rocketed in the last few years.

As you know he is the current Mr. Olympia, so his pockets and net worth were not hurting, until NOW! Phil Heath net worth was known to be around $5M the last time we checked (with a totally bullshit source).

phil heath mr olympia 2018


  • We do feel that was the right number for his net worth. Take a look at some of his bling. It can be considered proof, that he wasn’t actually broke not too long ago!


Some can say that he was living a very good life, until his crazy porn addiction kicked in! And Net Worth was destroyed!

Phil Heath’s net worth went to shit. I bet you are wondering how somebody can spend all of their money on porn right?

Well it’s pretty easy. We will tell you exactly how Phil Heath blew all of his money on starring at naked asses on the internet.

phil heath 2018 olympia

Phil Heath Net Worth Destruction

It all started when Phil Heath started dating old white women, and then married one.

  • Once he got a divorce from his pretty ugly wife, he developed a nasty urge to watch porn. Their divorce occurred because Phil couldn’t get his dick hard, and therefore, could not bang his wife.

phil heath 2018 olympia

All the steroids took their toll, and he just couldn’t bang. His ex wife said:

I was so tired of using my old 6 inch dildo (monster compared to Phil Heaths) and I just had enough. This is the point where Phil heath turned to porn, and totally destroyed his net worth.

phil heath net worth

That is Phil’s old wife, that was traded in for a new and better chick, but that is not the point.

The point is, that Phil Heath destroyed his net worth, by reportedly creating more than 275 accounts on porn websites, such as Brazzers, PornHub, and many others.

  • In total, Phil Heath was spending around $50,000 a month on pure porn. Here are just some accounts he had…we left hundreds out, because the list would just be too long.

phil heath net worth

  • Today, Phil Heath is known to have a net worth of zero dollars, and is currently just absorbing debt on his credit cards to maintain his nasty, aggressive, insane porn addiction.

We really don’t get why he is all into it, since his new wife is not that bad, but then again, his dick probably still doesn’t work and he can’t bang. Se we understand. 




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