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Phil Heath OUTRAGED! Finds Trainer Has Been Feeding Him Steroids!

Phil Heath Is Everyone’s Favorite Natural Bodybuilder! 

Phil Heath is known for never using steroids in his life.

He is natural Mr. Olympia 2017, and is proud to say that he is the only bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia that has never used steroids.

  • No wonder this guy has his own parking sign at the Olympia! He is the greatest drug free athlete the world has ever seen!

phil heath steroids


Phil Heaths trainer, Hany Rambod recently broke down and told Phil, that he has been infusing his meals with steroids for the last 8 years.

Phil immediately broke down sobbing, and could not believe that he had been deceived after all of these years.

  • Especially by his trainer, and also one of his best friends.

phil heath eating


Phil Heath is known for being a steroid free bodybuilder, but he’s also known for being an asshole with a porn addiction.

One example is him calling Kai Greene gay in public, so this might be payback and some bad karma. Regardless of that, Phil is now looking to check into a anti-depression clinic that might help him rebound from this tragedy.

“All these years, I took pride in being a natural bodybuilder, and this has just crushed me. I know other guys do steroids, but I never wanted to. Once in a while when my arm grows 5 inches in 2 hours, I wondered what is going on, but just always thought it was my genetics.”

phil heath steroids

HANY RAMBOD Has The Last Laugh!

Sources say that Hany Rambod does not give a shit about what Phil Heath thinks.

  • He is happy that people find him when they google “Phil Heaths Trainer.”

But also that he got pretty rich by sticking steroids into Phil’s sandwiches while he wasn’t looking.

Hany also says…

“This is hard to say, but I also did stick Phil in the ass crack a few times while he was sleeping with a nice dose of growth hormone. Shit works every time!”

Hany Rambod The Trainer

  • ls also known as “The Little Bitch,” is living large right now and enjoying every penny he made off of Phil.

hany rambod


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