Phil Heath Is Everyone’s Favorite Natural Bodybuilder! 

Phil Heath is known for being a natural bodybuilder and never using steroids in his life.

phil heath chest

He is natural Mr. Olympia 2017, and is proud to say that he is the only bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia that has never used steroids.

  • He got his physique by eating protein bars, and blueberries, and is considered to be a super healthy bodybuilder!

His trainer would make his meals every day, and Phil would eat every 3 hours.

The only supplement he was taking, was creatine. Which everyone knows, is a steroid!

No wonder this guy has his own parking sign at the Olympia! He is the greatest drug free athlete the world has ever seen!

Phil Heath Parking Spot

Phil Heath Trainer Confession About Steroids

Phil Heaths trainer, Hany Rambod recently broke down and told Phil, that he has been infusing his meals with steroids for the last 8 years.

He immediately broke down sobbing, and could not believe that he had been deceived after all of these years.

  • Especially by his trainer, and also one of his best friends.

phil heath eating

Hany Rambod Explains Steroids To Phil!

Hany told Phil that he is very sorry, but unfortunately his Physique is not natural.

“Phil, I have some really bad news. You are not a natural bodybuilder. I have been putting Dbol’s (Dianabol) into your skittles bags during your cheat meals. I am sad to say, you are on steroids.”

Phil Heath is known for being a steroid free bodybuilder, but he’s also known for being a rude guy.

  • For the most part, arrogant.

Phil Heath Arrogant

One example is him calling Kai Greene gay in public, so this might be payback and some bad karma?

Regardless of that, Phil is now looking to check into a anti-depression clinic that might help him rebound from this tragedy.

“All these years, I took pride in being a natural bodybuilder, and this has just crushed me. I know other guys do steroids, but I never wanted to. Once in a while when my arm grows 5 inches in 2 hours, I wondered what is going on, but just always thought it was my genetics.”

phil heath steroids

Hany Rambod Has The Last Laugh!

Sources say that Hany Rambod does not care about what Phil Heath thinks.

  • He is happy that people find him when they google “Phil Heaths Trainer.”

But also that he got pretty rich by sticking steroids into Phil’s sandwiches while he wasn’t looking.

Hany also says…

“This is hard to say, but I also did stick Phil in the ass crack a few times while he was sleeping with a nice dose of growth hormone. Works every time!”

Hany Rambod The Trainer

  • ls also known as “The Short Tower Of Power,” is living large right now and enjoying every penny he made off of Phil.

hany rambod

It’s a cold world out there, and I don’t blame him for capitalizing on this drug sport.

  • Taking a great genetics natural bodybuilding individual, and giving him a little sauce to become Mr. Olympia!

A little juice never hurt anyone right?

Phil Heath Is Not A Natural Bodybuilder

If you found this article by asking Google if “Phil Heath is a natural bodybuilder,” you are just out of touch with the sport.

Let me break it down to you. This is a drug sport. Have you ever heard of the movie “Blood Sport?”

Asian Bodybuilder

Well if you have, this is just like that, but a “Drug Sport.”

  • There is not a single person you will see on the bodybuilding stage at Mr. Olympia that is not on steroids.

I am very sorry if one of these guys are your hero’s.

They would never look like that in a million of years of they were natural bodybuilders.

It’s just the sad truth.

  • Not sad for them, because this comes with the territory of professional bodybuilding.

What Steroids Is Phil Heath Taking?

Well my friends, the steroids Phil Heath is taking is a long answer.

  • It might be easier to tell you what he is not taking.

Phil Heath Steroids

  • This is not to rag on the guy, this goes for everyone who is on that Mr. Olympia stage.

It also goes for everyone trying to be a professional bodybuilder!

Let’s take a look at the naughty drugs it takes on top of his genetics to look like Mr. Olympia.

And of course to get shredded, Winstrol is the go to steroid!

Don’t you forget, bodybuilders have died from steroids. If you are wondering if you can die from bodybuilding, you can.

What Is Life After Steroids Going To Look Like

If you are new to the bodybuilding world, you might be surprised to hear that these guys can never totally get off of steroids.

phil heath steroids

Why is that the case?

It’s because their natural testosterone production is so damaged, they are at a point of no return.

Rich Piana once said…

“I will be on hormone replacement therapy for the rest of my life. Which is basically steroids. So I guess you can say I will be on steroids for the rest of my life.”

That is the ugly part of bodybuilding. It’s a lifestyle that requires constant drugs.

  • If you are a bodybuilder like Dexter Jackson who has competed for 20 + years, you are looking at someone who has been on steroids their whole life.

Dexter Jackson steroids

If you are looking to get into bodybuilding and competing, be prepared to risk going to jail and also having some serious health complications.

Bodybuilders Struggles After Taking Steroids

There is a lot of things that are just horrible once you get off of steroids. 

  • There is depression, there is low energy, impotence (low sperm count), suicidal thoughts, and the list goes on!

Are those side effects and maybe even death really worth some big arms and abs?

I would say no. 

That seams like the most rational and common sense answer, but look at how many people are bodybuilders!

  • Their answer to that question is not NO! It’s YES!

Crazy Bodybuilder

The further side effects of bodybuilding are all over the spectrum. Hair loss is a big one along with growing man boobs from estrogen.

But the worst side effect from taking steroids, is growing you heart!

  • Steroids make every single muscle in your body bigger. Since your heart is a muscle, it also gets big.

It’s not 100% certain that the bodybuilder Dallas McCarver died from steroids, but its a very big coincidence.

Who Should Use Steroids?

In all honesty, nobody should. People get used to everything, so what used to be a freak bodybuilding show, is no longer impressive!

  • Everyone wants to see something bigger and better every single year. A 300 pound bodybuilder is common now.

Many years ago, that guy would probably star in a Real Life The Incredible Hulk movie, without any special effects!

Huge Bodybuilder

Now that we know that, people should have never grown this drug sport to where it is today.

Natural physiques would have been much more impressive.

  • People would see what you can actually do naturally, so when someone looks good, it’s far more inspirational than seeing someone who is on drugs.

That is unfortunately the nature of the beast, and what professional bodybuilding is.

I have to admit that I enjoy watching it myself, but knowing what goes on behind the scenes turns me off from the sport.

Bodybuilder Faint

Knowing that these guys are headed for years of hardship physically, just makes the sport hypocritical.

  • The entire idea of the fitness industry is to look great and be healthy, but the reality is the total opposite of that.

It is very unhealthy, and infested with illegal drugs.

The worst things is, the worst you feel the better you look in this sport. 

Super low energy is very common when you are very lean, and have super low body fat percentage.

  • Nothing about this sport is appealing, aside for the 90 seconds on stage with the lights on.

Conclusion On Phil Heath And Steroids

You will always hear that more people die from alcohol and cigarettes than they do on steroids.

Steroid Needles

There have actually not been many studies that prove steroids is going to kill you.

There is a ton of information out there that can completely eliminate your worries regarding taking performance enhancing drugs.

  • Is that information correct? I have no idea.

You will hear many pro bodybuilders and other steroid users tell you that its ok to take the juice under a doctors supervision.

They will tell you that if you know what you are doing, it’s fine. 

You have to decide if you want to risk your life to get big muscles. It’s as simple as that.

Steroids Meme

  • Do you really know what the hell you are buying online, or from the local gym steroid dealer?

Of course you don’t!

For all you know, they could be filling up the bottles with urine and cocaine. How are you supposed to know until it’s too late?

  • Don’t play with fire if you don’t have to. Muscles on steroids are fake muscles.

Pro’s can say whatever they want, but just look at them after they stop taking steroids and what they look like.


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