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Phil Heath Trainer Hany Rambod SEXUAL AFFAIRS!

Phil Heath Trainer Hany Rambod Is Now Known As The Booty Stuffer In The Bodybuilding Industry!

Before We Get Into That…

Let’s Talk About Hany Rambod Net Worth

Hany Rambod’s net worth is estimated at $2 Million dollars. He has trained the best bodybuilders in the world, and managed to get himself a nice little net worth.

  • He doesn’t have to steal protein anymore from the local GNC.

phil heath car

Hany Rambod’s Net Worth was by majority created by Phil Heath. That is a fact.

Even though he made money in many different avenues, his net worth would not be close to what it is without Phil Heath. Read about why Phil is PISSED AT HANY!

Hany Rambod Net Worth Used For Sexual Affairs

  • Hany Rambod was stuffing booties left and right for the past 12 months. He confesses to telling bodybuilders that by letting him stuff their booty, they will lose fat while retaining muscle mass.

(Those smelly booties)
Hany Rambod

He was even doing it backstage this weekend at the Mr. Olympia. Being Phil Heath’s trainer, Hany knew he would be trusted in the community, and many would allow him to stuff their booty.

  • He would also just walk around with a picture of him stuffing Phil Heath’s booty as evidence that it’s good for you. Like the picture below…

Hany rambod

Phil Heath’s Trainer Hany Rambod States That He Had Sexual Affairs With Dozens Of Bodybuilders…

Hany says he would just walk up to bodybuilders backstage when Phil Heath was not looking, and holler at them on some booty stuffing shit on the down low. 

“These guys know Hany Rambod’s Net worth, that is how he gets them.”

Hany Rambod

Hany Rambod said that this weekend, at the Mr. Olympia, he must have had more sex than he had since he was born.

“Running around tricking bodybuilders into letting me stick my little tiny pecker in their fat free butts was amazing. Now I have spank bank material for years to come!!”

hany rambod

Hanny Rambod says he won’t name any names, but will give you the names of just a couple of butts he blasted this Olympia weekend.

When Phil Heath Wasn’t looking!

  • Phil Heath (USA)
  • Shawn Rhoden (USA)
  • Dexter Jackson (USA)
  • Mamdouh Elssbiay (Egypt)
  • William Bonac (Netherlands)
  • Nathan de Asha (UK)
  • Roelly Winklaar (Curacao)
  • Lionel Beyeke (France)
  • Cedric McMillan (USA)
  • Brandon Curry (USA)
  • Lukas Osladil (Czech Republic)
  • Johnnie Jackson (USA)
  • Sergio Oliva, Jr (USA)
  • Gerald Williams (USA)
  • Victor Martinez (Dominican Republic)
  • Michael Lockett (USA)
  • Josh Lenartowicz (Australia)

He says the list of people above gave him the least resistance, and also wanted seconds.

They wanted that little 3 inch diamond cutter from Hany, and yes, Hany gave it to them.

Hanny is a great trainer, and everyone knows it. He has built up a solid net worth by knowing what he is talking about, and also sniffing those bodybuilder booties like a Catholic Priest. 


  • Hany Rambod continues to train the elite athletes in the world and in the fitness industry. What will his future hold after he is done with Phil Heath?
  • Nobody knows expect Hany “The booty sniffer” himself. We shall see!

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