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Phil Heath Wife And Fetish for Older WHITE WOMEN!

Phil Heath
Phil still says he likes to occasionally sniff granny panties in his free time, and still goes to local Bingo games, just so see whats up...

Phil Heath Wife And Obsession For Older White Women!

Phil Heath’s former wife was Jennie Laxson Heath. That did not last too long. Phil realized that he could do much better than the grandma he was with. Below is a clip of him dumping his wife on the spot!

Phil Heath wife

Although I think his next girlfriend was not as hot as his ex wife, I understand he needed to move on to a new relationship with another white chick. Here is Phil Heaths’s ex wife. 

phil heath wife

Taking his porn addiction into consideration, it’s not surprise he loves older white women. 

His ex wife was not that bad looking

But that has come to an end like Branch Warren’s chance to ever win another show. Phil makes millions of dollars, but his ex wife made 12 dollars per haircut at her salon.

Enough to put a downpayment on a snickers bar, so he’s not missing out. Phil gave us the impression that sniffing his grandmothers underwear, going on grandma adult sites, hiding in a bush near the pool at the local YMCA during SCS (Senior Citizen Sunday’s), is coming to an end.

phil heath girlfriend

I am not sure who the chick below is, but maybe an in between divorce with his wife, it’s just a random chick. 

phil heath wife

A couple months later, Phil has relapsed and says he still likes to occasionally sniff granny panties in his free time, and still goes to local Bingo games, just so see whats up…you know. Cause you never know who might be DTF?

Dating A Bodybuilder Is Tough!

No matter what happened with Phil Heaths wife, or his current girlfriends, it’s important to know one thing. Dating a bodybuilder is very tough. 

These guys are in a sport that does not work well with relationships. It’s a sport that demands 24 hours a day of your time. They have to time their meals, take a ton of dumps, and in the middle of all of that, find time to be married.

bodybuilder wedding

Bodybuilders Sexual Life

Bodybuilders are full of random drugs that include steroids.

These steroids definitely play a huge role in the sex life of bodybuilders. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a major reason of Phil Heath and his ex wife separating. Maybe Phil had erectile dysfunction

Nobody will know other than him and his wife, but it’s a strong possibility.


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