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Phil Heath Has A Mental Condition That Will Cause Him Death One Day!

phil heath

Phil Heath is the current Mr. Olympia, but what are the reasons for that?

Phil Heath has some serious mental issues if you take a closer look. Before we get into that, we can talk about who Phil Heath is. Without giving you the entire life story of Phil Heath, there are just a couple things you should know that will help explain his mental issues. Phil Heath was a Division 1 basketball player in college, that could not make it to the NBA.

phil heath

Unless you live under a rock, you know that making it to the NBA is extremely hard, but that is not the point. The point is that Phil Heath is a competitive freak, that was not able to be a top athlete in basketball, so he decided to turn to a “sport” where he know he could excel. Why did he turn to bodybuilding? Phil Heath turned to bodybuilding because there is no sport on planet earth he could be the best at, aside from bodybuilding. This is because other sports require natural talent, and bodybuilding requires crazy people with extremely low self esteem that are willing to take insane amounts of steroids that could cause death (and have), and also eat insane amounts of food, way beyond what a person needs in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Phil Heath Has Mental Issues…

Phil Heath can’t possibly be a normal person, and is not a normal person. The insecurity it takes to be Mr. Olympia is insane. The competitive drive it takes to be Mr. Olympia is far beyond healthy competition. Phil Heath is risking death by his lifestyle, all in order to get some sort of a stupid rush of having the biggest muscles on earth. Most people don’t understand how messed up in the head you have to be, and the issues you have to have in order to be a bodybuilder.

phil heath

Phil Heath should not be a role model….

Phil Heath would be a great role model if he wasn’t a steroid and illegal drug maniac. If you are a person looking from the outside in, and are not really into bodybuilding, you might see Phil Heath as a really big, healthy, and strong bodybuilder. You might go online and read Phil Heath’s workout and diet programs, hoping you can get some great advice. The truth about Phil Heath leads to nothing but disappointment. He is nothing but someone suffering from insecurity, and drug addiction. That is it my friends. Sorry to say that, but that is the truth. Why should people look up to Phil Heath? Why should kids try to be like him and read his workout plans and diet plans? They shouldn’t. If he looked amazing without using steroids, then that would be a different story.

You can just tell by looking at his eyes, that his veins are full of chemicals, ranging from pre-workouts to steroids. If you compare his eyes and pupils to someone that is on crack cocaine, they would be the same…

Phil Heath underwent surgery to repair two hernia’s that he had in his abdomen. There was one above his belly button that was two inches wide where his upper intestines are, and one in his lower intestines which was an umbilical hernia that was torn so bad that it left a 3 inch hole and approximately 4 inches of his intestines hanging out of the hole.

phil heath

Yikes, that must’ve been extremely painful. The doctors fixed both hernia’s and apparently the lower intestinal hernia was life threatening. What’s interesting is Phil had both hernia’s before he won the Olympia. So that means that he trained hard, and had to stuff down all of the food that’s necessary to maintain his body mass all while he had a hernia.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that┬átop bodybuilders often train and compete with bad injuries, hernia’s, illnesses and still win. Not only do they have to train hard and eat with laser focus, but they can have setbacks and obstacles that can make it even harder to move forward.

That said, it gives you even more proof that this guy will do whatever it takes to be number one. That sounds good in other cases, but doing whatever it takes in bodybuilding can be deadly. Phil Heath definitely has some serious personal issues that will cost him some major pain in the future.



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