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SECRET FACTS About Pizza That Will SURPRISE You!

eating pizza

Do You Think You Know Everything About Pizza?

Well the first thing you should know is that pizza is bad for you!

A lot of people don’t know this, because they keep eating it like it’s going out of style!

eating pizza is bad

People also don’t know that it makes you really fat, because fat people keep eating it!

How about this for some FUN FACTS and why pizza might be bad for you!

#1 Secret Fact! Is Pizza Very Unhealthy?

  • 93% of people eat it! (which you should never eat on a Keto Diet but nobody cares!)
  • 75% of people are considered overweight (and rising, probably to 93%)

eating pizza is bad for you

Yes, pizza is one of the worst things you can put in your mouth.

  • It’s nothing but really bad starchy carbs, and a TON of really bad TRANS FAT.

Coming home from work, there is nothing better than a beer and a pie right?

Right…that’s why your ass is fat. This is what Americans eat the most…

pizza is bad

What a surprise, pizza is the #1 most delivered food, and still is.

We all know it’s good, that is not the point here.

“The point is for you to understand that 2 small slices of Domino’s pie are over 600 calories, and about 30 grams of fat.”

That is just 2 slices, exactly why it is bad for you in every way shape or form. This is topped of with zero nutrients by the way.

pizza toppings


#2 Secret Fact Of Your Favorite Pie!

If you like Chinese food, and the special ingredient of MSG, please know that it’s also in pizza! Here is a quick look at your favorite pie brands and how much MSG crap they put in their pies.

pizza info graph

So now that you know a little big more about pizza, you can think a little harder next time you feel like ordering yourself one for movie night?

The problem is, that we all never have one slice, we pig out like PIGS!

We the overweight and obese people, do not know how to stop with anything!

pizza is bad

Pizza is bad, but really good! This is something everyone should know.

Oh yeah, we know but don’t care. Since 93% of people eat it, none of them should ever be able to complain about their weight!

Anyway, America is full of fat people and we know that. Almost everyone eats pizza amongst other garbage. If you can skip it, skip it!

fat person eating pizza

This Is Why The Ingredients In Pizza Are So Bad For You!

The first thing to understand, is that MSG is insanely unhealthy for you.

MSG is basically a product that adds extra taste to food, keeps it tasting good for a very long time, and has a ton of sodium!

“How do you think a pizza can stay frozen at the grocery store for such a long time without going bad, and still tasting amazing once you bake it?”

eating pizza

That happens because of preservatives and also MSG.

These chemical are really bad for you, and will make you retain a ton of water, amongst other things that are bad for your health.



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