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Planet Fitness Childcare And Pool ARE INSANE!

planet fitness childcare

Does Planet Fitness Have Childcare? Does Donald Trump Grab Pu….

The obvious answer is yes. Planet Fitness is one of the top gyms in the world. They charge a whopping $10 a month for you to come whenever you want, and also offer free tanning beds.

So of course at those rates, they offer childcare. Planet Fitness annual revenue last year was recorded to be at a staggering $3,500. Due to this significant growth, they have decided to offer childcare at all locations.

  • Here are some pictures of the facilities Plant Fitness Offers for childcare. This is an example of the outdoor playground…

planet fitness childcare

Does Planet Fitness Have A Sauna?

Oh you bet there is a sauna. The sauna at Planet Fitness is one of the most sophisticated ones we have ever seen in the last 20 years. The sauna is right next to the pool at the gym, and a great place to pop into after you go for a nice swim.

planet fitness sauna

Planet Fitness Kid Friendly

If you are impressed, and also a little intimidated by the fancy playground, don’t be alarmed. It’s only $2 a month to bring your kid here every single day. If needed, your kids will also be provided with a lot of other perks for no additional cost.

For starters they will be able to enjoy a free cup of water once a day, and also get a free refill compliments of Planet Fitness Childcare management team.

The water is reported to be the healthiest and most refreshing water that currently exists.

planet fitness kid zone

Does Planet Fitness Have A Pool?

Many gyms out there are offering sub-par childcare, but as we mentioned, none are as fancy as the Planet Fitness offerings, especially the pool! This year, they have added a variety of outdoor pools, where your kids can relax and enjoy the company of other kids.

Of course planet fitness has a pool, that is  like asking, do pigs fly, of course they do. Planet fitness pools are some of the best by far!

The pools are usually only open when it rains, but it is still an amazing deal considering the cost of the membership.

Planet Fitness Pool

planet fitness pool

Planet Fitness Kid Zone

Now that you know that Planet Fitness does offer childcare, and the amazing perks that are available, I am sure you will be running to sign up tomorrow.

But having your children watched buy a bunch of 18 year olds is not the only tempting thing here, the gym also has amazing equipment for you to get in shape as well.

  • Everything from imaginary punching bags, 5 pound dumbbells, to rough paper towels instead of cotton ones, that will cut your face if you wipe yourself.

planet fitness meme

It’s A Great Place For Kids!

On a serious note, Planet Fitness is a good gym that will get the job done if you are just looking to get a workout in.

  • Unfortunately, it gets insanely busy during after work hours, lunch time and also early in the morning. This is not a normal busy like other gyms. They get so busy you can barely walk to the water fountain.
  • The gym is cheap as all hell, and there is no way in hell they will ever offer childcare. To make things worse, depending on where you live, it can get pretty ghetto as well.

If you are wondering what that means, it’s basically people that are in gangs, or will be brining a weapon to the gym. If you are broke as hell, I recommend it, but if you can afford more, go somewhere else. 


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